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The IEEE Power Electronics Magazine (MPEL) is a quarterly magazine that brings leading-edge practical power solutions and the latest technology information to its readers, helping them to reach the forefront of their engineering careers.  Besides publishing peer-reviewed and cutting-edge applications-oriented articles solicited from power supply manufacturers, research labs, and semiconductor vendors, the magazine also publishes application design features contributed by practicing engineers in the industry.

All issues are archived at IEEE Xplore.  PELS members have free access to all issues as a part of their membership.  For a copy of the latest issue, please email Editor in Chief Ashok Bindra or PELS Executive Director Mike Kelly.  

To stay up-to-date on the latest issues, be sure to visit the magazine's website.

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In addition to solicited articles, the magazine also accepts articles contributed by practicing engineers, experienced designers, and researchers from either industry or academia.  These articles offer effective use of the state-of-the-art electronic components and devices, application of control theory and circuit design techniques, and the development of analytical tools used in efficient and effective energy conversion, control, utilization, and conditioning of electric power.

If you are interested in contributing an original article, please submit the idea or an abstract of the article (less than 250 words) to Ashok Bindra

Once the idea or abstract is approved, author guidelines that include the length, format, and other article details will be provided.  Create the article using these guidelines and then submit the completed article to Ashok Bindra.  The article will be peer-reviewed by at least two experts in the field.

When the article passes the peer review, it will be scheduled for an upcoming issue of the magazine.  The author must make changes and corrections that are recommended by the reviewers.  Before publication, the author must sign an IEEE copyright form

Circulation: As of December 2021, 10,100 printed and 9,700 digital copies of the magazine were sent to subscribers.

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