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TC 11: Aerospace Power

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TC 11 fosters the timely dissemination of technical information through small and large-scale technical events on power conversion components and systems for aerospace and space applications that are of high interest to PELS members and students.
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Our Leadership

TC 11 Chair Tao Yang

Tao Yang
University of Nottingham, UK

Committee Members


Yue Cao
Oregon State University, USA


Luis Herrera
University of Buffalo, USA


Dong Cao
University of Dayton, USA

TEC Representative

Fei Gao
University of Technology of Belfort-Montbeliard, France


Harish Krishnamoorthy
University of Houston, USA

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Programs, Events and Services

TC 11 focuses on unique challenges that are faced by power electronics components and systems for both aerospace and space applications in terms of extreme operation conditions, ultra-high power density requirements, partial discharge prevention at high altitudes, radiation hardness, long-term reliability, etc. TC 11 also hosts related research, education, standards, and outreach activities and collaborates with other TCs and sister societies.

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