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R. David Middlebrook Achievement Award

IEEE PELS R. David Middlebrook Achievement Award

About the Award

The IEEE PELS R. David Middlebrook Achievement Award honors an individual who has accomplished outstanding contributions in the technical field of power electronics within one or more subfields, such as modeling and control, design-oriented analysis, development, simulation, and application of electronic devices, passive components, analog sensing, and power circuits for inverters, converters, and motor drives in all power levels.

Award Prize:

  • Bronze medal
  • Plaque
  • An honorarium of USD 5,000
  • Reimbursement of up to USD 1,000 towards the recipient’s necessary conference registration, travel, and accommodation costs incurred to attend the award ceremony
r. david middlebrook
R. David Middlebrook
1929 - 2010

Submitting a Nominee

When submitting a nominee, you will be asked to log into your existing IEEE account (or register for a new one) to identify as a nominator. Subsequently, select the IEEE PELS R. David Middlebrook Achievement Award and enter the required data and documents. 

***Please note: 3 to 5 endorsement letters will be required and must contain the following: name, title, contact data, endorser’s main field of interest, the relationship between the endorser and nominee, nominee’s achievements for the selection criteria indicated in the award description, the reason why the endorser personally recommends the nominee, endorser’s signature, and date.***

The portal to submit a nomination is now closed.

Award Details

Recognizing Outstanding Achievements

Marco Liserre
2023 Honoree:

Marco Liserre

For modelling and control of power converters in reliability and stability studies

Marco Liserre (S’00-M’02-SM’07-F´13) received the MSc and PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from the Bari Technical University, respectively in 1998 and 2002. He has been Associate Professor at Bari Technical University and from 2012 a Professor in reliable power electronics at Aalborg University (Denmark). From 2013 he is Full Professor and he holds the Chair of Power Electronics at Kiel University (Germany). He got offered and declined professorships at several universities. He has published more than 700 technical papers (1/3 of them in international peer-reviewed journals), a book and 5 granted Patents. These works have received more than 50.000 citations. Marco Liserre is listed in ISI Thomson report “The world’s most influential scientific minds” from 2014. In 2023 he joined part-time Fraunhofer ISIT as Deputy Director and Director of a new Center for “Electronic Energy Systems” funded for 5 Million Euro.

He is member of IAS, PELS, PES and IES. He has been serving all these societies in different capacities. In PELS he was AdCom member, Co-Editor of the IEEE Open Access Journal in Power Electronics, Associate Editor of TPEL and JESTPE, Guest Editor of Several Special Issues of JESTPE, Technical Committee Chairman of the Committee on Electronic Power Grid Systems and Member of the IEEE Digital Committee, IES-Liaison responsible, eGrid 2021 Workshop Co-chairman and PEDG 2022/PEDG 2023 Co-chairman the first organized in Kiel. He has received 5 IEEE Awards, including the prestigious including the 2018 IEEE-IES Mittelmann Achievement Award and 6 journal awards.

Past Recipients

Year Recipient Name
2022 Dragan Maksimovic
Shu-Hung (Henry) Chung
2020 Alex Qin Huang
2019 Issa Batarseh
2018 Grahame Holmes
2017 Jian Sun
2016 Mark Dehong Xu
2015 David J. Perreault
2014 Johann Kolar
2013 William Gerard Hurley
2012 Prasad Enjeti


Please send any questions to the PELS Awards Committee.