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IEEE PELS is a member-driven organization, where the members play a critical role in helping the organization to fulfill its mission and vision. We are academics, professionals, and students—all working towards powering a sustainable future for the world through power electronics.

We’re delighted that you are interested in joining us as a PELS volunteer! There are so many ways you can make an impact with PELS and at the same time, we hope you will find it as rewarding as we do.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Whatever your interest or level of experience and expertise, we are certain to have a volunteer role for you. Opportunities are available in Leadership, Publications, Technical Activities, Conferences and Events, Education, Young Professionals/Students, Women in Engineering, and more. Send us a note expressing your interest, and we will help match you with the right committee lead.



Resources for Professionals

PELS Scholarships: Offered by IEEE PELS Technical Committees



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Volunteering Opportunities

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Resources for Industry Members