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Ph.D. Schools


Ph.D. Schools

PELS Ph.D. Schools provide an immersive platform for graduate students and young professionals to deepen their knowledge and advance their skills in power electronics. Typically spanning 4 to 5 days, Ph.D. Schools are hosted by esteemed institutions worldwide. The program of each Ph.D. School varies, but generally includes keynote presentations by leading experts, technical lectures, workshops, and networking sessions. Attendees gain invaluable insights and forge connections with peers and industry professionals.

Join us at a PELS PhD School or host your own to embark on a transformative journey toward advancing expertise and shaping the future of power electronics.

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Approved PELS PhD Schools

The Educational Outreach Committee organizes and supports both the University Kits and STEM Outreach. This committee is actively looking for volunteers to develop/review curriculum, design kits, organize workshops, etc. If you are interested in becoming involved in PELS educational outreach activities, email the VP Global Relations, Katherine Kim.

Hosting a PELS PhD School

If you are interested in hosting a PhD School at your institution, you will need to prepare the following items and submit your official request using the link below. If you have further questions, email them to the VP Global relations, Katherine Kim.

  • Requester Information: Provide your name and email address for communication purposes.
  • D. School Details: Include the name of the Ph.D. School, host institution, location, and proposed event date.
  • Event Information: Specify the IEEE region, describe the Ph.D. School’s objectives and content, estimate the expected attendance, and provide a link to the event website if available.
  • D. School Brochure: Upload a detailed brochure outlining the program, schedule, and activities planned for the Ph.D. School.
  • PELS Chapter Involvement: Indicate any involvement or support from local PELS chapters in organizing the event.
  • PELS TC (Technical Committee) Involvement: Specify any involvement with a PELS Technical Committee in designing the Ph.D. School curriculum.
  • Description of Products/Services: Explain the benefits and opportunities provided to attendees in exchange for funding, emphasizing the educational and professional impact on the power electronics community.
  • Organizer Information: Provide the name and email address of the main organizer responsible for coordinating the Ph.D. School.
  • Requested Lecturer: Specify if a Distinguished Lecturer (DL) is requested for the event, or if not needed.
  • Distinguished Lecturer (DL) Information: If a DL is requested, ensure arrangements are made for covering transportation expenses and local logistics during the event.
  • Women in Engineering Event: Specify if a Women in Engineering (WIE) event will be held and provide contact information for the WIE event chair. Additional funding is available to support a WIE event.