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Sponsorship Opportunities

Become a PELS Partner

Sponsorship Opportunities

As of December 2023, IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) membership surpassed 13,000 members worldwide. One of the fastest-growing technical societies of IEEE, we invite our industry partners to support our efforts at PELS by advertising on our website and in the IEEE Power Electronics Magazine.

On a quarterly basis, IEEE Power Electronics Magazine is distributed to all PELS members around the world with a total circulation estimated at 14,000+ readers. Over 11,000+ digital copies of the magazine are sent to subscribers. Members are actively encouraged to visit our website on a regular basis for latest news and announcements, and to find out about upcoming events, and more!

Reach members of the Power Electronics field

Advertise with IEEE PELS!

For more information on advertising, please contact:
Kathy Naraghi, Manager
Global Advertising Sales
Phone: (619) 985-8823