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Connecting Members to Conferences

Whether it is looking for the hottest topics, innovations, the latest research breakthroughs, short courses on changing technologies, or vendor exhibits of new commercial products and services, the PELS offers access to conferences that help meet various professional goals.

PELS sponsors and co-sponsors several conferences all around the world throughout the year to enable the exchange of new information, the formation of social networks, and the meeting of continuing education requirements. Attending these events is a great way to hear from leaders of the power electronics field, network with colleagues, and stay up to date with the latest advances.

jian sun headshot
Vice President of Conferences

Jian Sun,
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (USA)

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PELS Conferences Span the Globe

Use our map to find a major conference in your region. A full list of sponsored, co-sponsored, and technically co-sponsored upcoming events can be found on the Conference Schedule. To learn more about our flagship events, please visit the PELS Sponsored Conferences page.

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Conference Resources

Open Calls for Content

Find information and deadlines for papers, posters, and much more.


Volunteering at conferences is a great way to meet other PELS members.

Resources for Organizers

Running a PELS-sponsored event? Access resources to help with planning.