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TC 6: Emerging Power Electronic Technologies

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TC 6 fosters the timely dissemination of technical information through small and large-scale technical events in high-performance and emerging technologies that are of high interest to PELS members and students.

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Upcoming Technical Meetings


Our Leadership

TC 6 Chair Khurram Khan Afridi

Khurram Khan Afridi
Cornell University, USA

Committee Members


Maryam Saeedifard
Georgia Tech University, USA


Mark Scott
Miami University, USA


Jose Ortiz-Gonzalez
University of Warwick, UK

Subcommittee on New Initiatives and Conferences

Minjie Chen

Dong Dong

Mark Scott

Tiefu Zhao

Zheyu Zhang

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Programs, Events and Services

TC 6 works on the following:

  • IEEE PELS Power Electronics Emerging Technology Award: This award is administered by TC 6 to recognize those who have made outstanding technical contributions to one or more emerging research topics in power electronics
  • International Future Energy Challenge
  • International Symposium on Advanced Power Electronics and Its Applications
  • Workshop on Wide Bandgap Power Devices and Applications
  • Workshop on Wireless Power Transfer
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