President's Message: December 2017

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Powering a Sustainable Future by Alan Mantooth

The title of my column this issue is the same as the tag line of the Society – “Powering a Sustainable Future.” As hurricanes have devastated parts of the United States, including Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, we are reminded of the importance of reliable electric power products that we research and develop. Read More...


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Webinar: Fundamental Theories of Wireless Power Transfer

  1. Presenter: Chun T. Rim, GIST, Korea

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Rapid expanding technologies of wireless power transfer (WPT) to mobile devices and electric vehicles (EVs) make electric charging more convenient, safe, and automatic. WPT business and industries are growing fast, and more people are getting involved in this area. Innovation on WPT is highly sought in this area; however, no substantial progress in technology is possible without thorough and philosophical understanding of WPT. It is very often ignored and underestimated by engineers and practitioners, but theory is the basis of great innovation. In this webinar, an overview of WPT and its fundamental principles are introduced first. Several theories on inductive power transfer (IPT), mostly invented by Prof. RIM, are explained, including the coupled coil models, gyrator circuit models, magnetic mirror models, active electro-magnetic force (EMF) cancel models, and general unified dynamic phasor models. A few application examples of IPT for dynamic and static EV charging and mobile devices are shortly given. Read More...

Webinar: How to publish research in the IEEE Transactions and Journals

Please join this webinar presented by IEEE’s number one publication Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Brad Lehman. Dr. Lehman will share best practices and tips for publishing research within IEEE’s Transactions and Journals.



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