President's Message: December 2020

Frede Blaabjerg 2019

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 by Frede Blaabjerg

This is the last message for the year 2020, written just after the IEEE Power Electronics Society’s (PELS) latest Administrative Committee (ADCOM) meeting – which is the member-elected board governing the society. For the second time, it was fully virtual. The PELS meeting series was held for three weeks before ADCOM meeting. As per tradition, it was held during the IEEE Energy Conversion Congress & Expo... Read More...


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Upcoming Webinar: Design Methodologies for High Frequency Multiwinding Magnetics: from Fundamental Principles to Design Tools 

Thursday, 21 January 2021 11:00 AM  ET

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Minjie Chen

Presenter: Minjie Chen, Princeton University, USA

Abstract: High frequency magnetics with new materials, innovative core structures and intricate winding patterns are needed to improve the performance, enhance the functionality, and reduce the size of power electronics systems. The talk will focus on design methodologies of high frequency multiwinding magnetics, ranging from fundamental principles to design tools. We will first introduce a systematic approach to modeling the impedance and current distribution in planar magnetics. A software tool – M2SPICE – will be introduced to quickly convert a planar design into a SPICE netlist. A unified model to design and simulate multiphase coupled inductors will then be presented. The model is applied to designing vertical coupled magnetics in ultra-high-current point-of-load (PoL) voltage regulators for future microprocessors. Finally, we will talk about our recent progress in machine learning-based core loss modeling methods for power magnetics, which will open a wide range of opportunities toward fully automated design of power magnetics.

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