President's Message: June 2018

Alan Mantooth 2017 croppedStrategies for Building Momentum - by Alan Mantooth

As I write, snow is still falling in many parts of the United States and spring is breaking through in others. By the time you read this, spring will be in full swing and summer will be approaching.  It is fascinating to see the unleashing of energy in nature at this transitional time of year. Likewise, the activities in our field and those of the Power Electronics Society (PELS) seem to be gaining momentum. Read More...


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Webinar: Differential Power: A Fundamental Limit of Power Conversion

In this talk, the main novelty is the “VA interpretation” of power conversion, that enables the calculation of novel continuous power models for 2-port and n-port converters. This methodology also enables the synthesis of specific power topologies to operate in this fundamental limit of power processing. 
Key applications are “Power balancing” between stacked sources (PV cells), loads (data processing cores) or batteries. “Partial power” configurations may also be assessed with the “differential power” approach. More relevant is the case of energy buffered converters, as those required in single-phase inverters connected to domestic batteries/PV panels or those required in AC adaptors and chargers with Power Factor Correction.
Three-phase rectifiers and inverters may be also be synthesized to operate in the fundamental limit of power conversion. The methodology is illustrated for the “Little Box Challenge” (Google and IEEE-PELS) specification. The differential power is calculated, and compared with the “indirect” power processed by the main alternative architectures. Finally, an inverter is synthesized to operate in this fundamental limit.  


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Catch up on:
  • Designing reliable and high-density power solutions with GaN
  • How to publish research in the IEEE Transactions and Journals
  • Current sharing technologies for LLC resonant converters

  • Technology Development from the More Electric Aircraft to All Electric Flight

  • Design for reliability in power electronic based renewables 
  • Resilient and Sustainable Distribution Systems with Advanced Microgrids 

  • Big data gets physical

  • and more!

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