President's Message: March 2021

liuchen chang

By Liuchen Chang

First, let me start off by wishing all PELS members and the families a happy, healthy, and successful 2021! I feel humbled and honoured to serve as the President of our society, picking up the baton handed over by Prof. Frede Blaabjerg. Please allow me to introduce myself. My wife Grace and I have been living in a small city called Fredericton in New Brunswick, Canada for the last 29 years, where I worked as a professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of New Brunswick (UNB). Read More...


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Upcoming Webinar

High-Density Motor Drive Design for Electric Aircraft Propulsion: What We Might Know and What We Don't

This webinar is being jointly sponsored by the IEEE Power Electronics Society Technical Committee on Aerospace Power and the IEEE Transportation Electrification Community

Tuesday, 13 April 2021 11:00 AM  ET

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Presenter: Fang Luo, Stoney Brook University, USA

Abstract: In this webinar, the presenter will share his experience and questions in high-density motor drive development for All-Electric Aircraft systems from an academic point-of-view. The first part of the presentation will briefly cover converter development efforts in both non-cryogenic and cryogenic power system configurations. It will provide an architectural comparison for motor drives in such systems. The second part of the presentation will use examples from the presenter’s development to elaborate on co-design/co-optimization efforts to achieve high power-density and efficiency for the propulsion motor drives. These efforts include converter-level and component-level optimization/advancement, as well as power module packaging. The last part of the presentation will briefly introduce the modeling, testing, and analysis of the “side-effects” for the power electronics in electric aircraft propulsion systems, including partial discharge, EMI/EMC, and reflected wave influences, in such a compact, high-power application environment. Through this webinar, the audiences can expect a comprehensive overview of this emerging application and spark more innovative ideas to advance the state-of-the-art for modern power electronics.

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