President's Message: September 2019

Frede Blaabjerg 2019

Carving Strategies to Effectively Serve the Global Membership

 by Frede Blaabjerg

Human life is always moving in waves. Sometimes it is calm, and sometimes it is quite hectic and hectic and busy when many issues must be confronted. The last few months (May to July) have been very busy for the IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS). Although most of the time it was good, there were also some challenges. Read More...


Upcoming Events

Solar PV Microinverters-Technology-Are they Replacing the Conventional Central Inverter?   

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Abstract: The global solar microinverter market is expected to witness a compound annual growth of 17.3% from 2019 to 2025 to reach USD 5,612 million by the year 2025¹. One of the key advantages of the microinverter is that each solar panel is monitored and optimized individually for maximum output power. Further, microinverters are not restricted to panel placement in one or two different orientation such as on a complex roof layout. Use of microinverters yield more solar electricity. With so many advantages will they replace the conventional central inverter? - come find out by attending our first Online Series brought forward by the Digital Media/Education Committee of IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS).


Both leaders in Industry and Academia will present different perspectives of “Solar PV Microinverter” technology and discuss the state of the art. Online attendees will have a chance to ask questions via the Q&A button in GotoWebinar and also can elect to receive presentation slides.


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Catch up on:
  • Designing reliable and high-density power solutions with GaN
  • How to publish research in the IEEE Transactions and Journals
  • Current sharing technologies for LLC resonant converters

  • Technology Development from the More Electric Aircraft to All Electric Flight

  • Design for reliability in power electronic based renewables 
  • Resilient and Sustainable Distribution Systems with Advanced Microgrids 

  • Big data gets physical

  • and more!

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