President's Message: June 2021

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Charting a Course to Reach Strategic Goals

With the rolling out of vaccination and our adaption to the new working environment, there is a sense of hope for returning to normality. Despite restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Society continues its success. I am pleased to report the following highlights of the Power Electronics Society (PELS) to our members. Read More...


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Upcoming Webinar

Systematic Relationships of Power Converter Topologies through Graph Theory

This webinar is being sponsored by the IEEE PELS Young Professionals

Tuesday, 3 August 2021 11:00 AM  ET

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Yuzhuo Li picPresenter: Yuzhuo Li, University of Alberta, Canada

Abstract: Entering the 21st century, new technologies and theories are entering the paradigm of power electronics, leading to increasing diversity of the field. As the research volume of power converter increasing fast, resemble circuits and similar operation methods are emerging in recent decades, and needed to be reorganized and studied systematically. Therefore, it could be beneficial to establish the fundamental relationships among various power converters topologies, and to link different converters with universal principles. The electrical duality has been well acknowledged when dealing with such circuit-level unifications. Meanwhile, the graphical isomorphism also shows some great potential for topology derivations and modulation innovations. Furthermore, by synergistically implementation of these two theories, the topology transformation rules can be implemented for power converters. With such relationships, the derived topology or modulations can be generalized for other topologies, therefore, further reduce the design burden and accelerate the research process. In this webinar, the basic concepts of graph theory will be introduced, followed by the discussion and demonstrations of electrical dual principles and emerging isomorphic theory for various power converters, in particular, the voltage-source converters and current-source converters. The unique cycling phenomenon of topology transformation will also be investigated. Finally, the webinar ends with discussions and further research trends in this area.

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