President's Message: December 2019

Frede Blaabjerg 2019

Working on a Better Planet

by Frede Blaabjerg - As a society president I have the honor of visiting many countries and engaging in discussions with many people from different organizations. One clear trend I am seeing is that the global agreement on United Nations (UN) 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for a better planet is quickly moving forward, with many initiatives on a large scale. Many of the goals are only achievable by electrification - and that translates into a lot of power electronic solutions - which means the IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) is instrumental in providing these  technology solutions to the world. Read More...


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Real-Time Simulation Methods of Power Electronic Systems by Professor Fei Gao- Joint Webinar with IEEE Transportation Electrification Community

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Fei Gao
Abstract: Real-time simulation and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) techniques emerge as indispensable tools in the design, modeling, testing and validation of modern power electronic systems. Different from an offline simulation, real-time simulation depends not only on the results of logical / arithmetic calculations of the model, but also on physical time (real-time) when these results are produced. Today, high accuracy real-time simulation and HIL of modern power electronics is still a great challenge. Power electronics components models are characterized by their high switching frequency and on-off characteristics. Mathematical models that contain a number of power electronic components can lead to serious real-time simulation problems (e.g. limited simulation time step size, large memory to store circuit topology due to on-off states of power switches, etc.). Solve such mathematical models while meeting the strict time constraint requires the development of specific real-time simulation techniques.


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  • Designing reliable and high-density power solutions with GaN
  • How to publish research in the IEEE Transactions and Journals
  • Current sharing technologies for LLC resonant converters

  • Technology Development from the More Electric Aircraft to All Electric Flight

  • Design for reliability in power electronic based renewables 
  • Resilient and Sustainable Distribution Systems with Advanced Microgrids 

  • Big data gets physical

  • and more!

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