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 by Frede Blaabjerg

Unfortunately, with a continuous growth in number of infected people and deaths, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to play a more dominant role around the world. What was expected to be just a seasonal short event seems to be a very long lasting challenge for the planet, where we are all waiting for effective solutions from the scientific community – a powerful vaccine for COVID-19 and efficient methods to treat people who are infected. Read More...


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Upcoming Webinar: New Advances in State-Space based Control of Power Converters- Sponsored by PELS TC1

Tuesday, 1 December 2020 11:00 AM ET

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Dorin NeacsuPresenter: 
Dorin Neacsu, Technical University of Iasi, Romania 

Abstract: This webinar is presenting new advances on the deployment of digital control systems based on state-space feedback control (also referred to as "modern control") to power converters. The State Space-based modelling allows the implementation of both feedback control and additional features due to its inherent time-domain character. The presentation reviews briefly the typical design steps for a State Space-based controller, including state-space modeling, averaging, optimal selection of pole location for feedback control, reference introduction into the state-space form, and use of both an integrator and feed-forward components for achievement of dynamic and steady-state performance. This introduction is followed through with comments related to digital implementation, which make a difference between fixed-point and floating-point computing platforms. Since the performance is influenced by the operation point considered in the model, a method for adaptive gain change is next discussed. The last part of the webinar concerns design of full- and reduced-order state estimation, including observer's pole selection, equations, and offline parameters for implementation. Applications of such observers to both current sensor-less control and fault detection (either catastrophic faults or slow deterioration due to aging) are included as ultimate proceedings. The webinar benefits from support with MATLAB® analysis and a Microchip® platform implementation.

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