President's Message: March 2018

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30 Years and Going Strong - by Alan Mantooth

The IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2018. We will commemorate this milestone with events to be held at both the IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition and IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition this year as well as with a special compendium of IEEE Power Electronics Magazine. I will stop short of giving away those exciting details, but we are busy working on it. Stay tuned! Read More...


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Webinar: Smart Grid as a new energy paradigm

Haitham Abu Rub TAMUQThu, May 31, 2018 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM EDT

Presenter: Haitham Abu-Rub, Texas A&M University at Qatar

The smart grid has been called “electricity with a brain”, the “energy Internet” and the “Electronet”. Basically, the smart grid integrates electricity and information and communication infrastructures to create electric system that is more secure, reliable, stabile, efficient, and safety. The smart grid is the new energy paradigm that is characterized by a bidirectional flow of electricity and information. Hence, the transformation from conventional grid to smart grid requires a paradigm shift in representing electric grid structure and operation. However, there are lots of challenges on the way of implementing smart grid at national, regional and global levels. These challenges include Acceptability, Controllability, Interoperability & Interchangeability, Scalability, and Security. Read More...

Flux Modulation Machines

Different from regular PM machines, flux modulation machines are with different stator and rotor pole numbers, and produce steady torque based on the so called flux modulation effect. The special operation principle makes flux modulation machines high-torque density and low-pulsation torque, and more design freedoms lead to many novel machine topologies for different applications. This webinar will be a summarized presentation of Flux Modulation Machines: from principle, features to topologies. After a short introduction, the Webinar will focus on machine family definition and difference with traditional machines, operation principles, and topologies. After introducing three machine major components: flux modulator, armature and excitation field, different flux modulation machine topologies will be introduced based on different rotating components. Common features will be summarized, main concerns and challenges will also be discussed. At the end, analyses, designs, and prototypes of vernier machines, a flux-modulation machine family member, will be demonstrated. Read More...

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