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TC 9: Wireless Power Transfer Systems

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TC 9 facilitates collaboration between researchers and experts from academia and industry on wireless power transfer-related research and professional networking activities.
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Our Leadership

TC 9 Chair Grant Covic

Grant Covic
University of Auckland, New Zealand

Committee Members

Vice Chair (Technical Activities)

Fei Lu
Drexel University, USA

Vice Chair (Conferences)

Paul Mitcheson
Imperial College London, UK


Ming Liu
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Industry Liaison Chair

Zhichao Luo
University of Cambridge, UK

Publications Chair

Yijie Wang
Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Standards Chair

Mostak Mohammad
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA

Student Activity Chair

Patrick Hu
University of Auckland, New Zealand

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Programs, Events and Services

TC 9 organizes the following events:

  • Global Student Wireless Power Competition: This competition encourages younger generations to join the research and development of wireless power transfer technologies and demonstrate their capabilities for promoting public acceptance and practical applications of these systems.
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