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Educational Outreach


Educational Outreach

Education is not only a fundamental aspect of our PELS mission but also a catalyst for empowering future generations of engineers. Our Educational Outreach initiatives embody this commitment through two pivotal goals: (1) equity and (2) preparing for the future.

We are dedicated to shaping the engineers of tomorrow by providing tools and resources that engage young minds in topics crucial to powering a sustainable future. Through initiatives like our University Kits, we aim to equip universities lacking experimental resources with essential tools and instructional materials. Additionally, our STEM Outreach endeavors seek to inspire K-12 students through engaging educational activities in electrical engineering.

By investing in educational outreach, we aim to foster inclusivity while cultivating skilled professionals who will lead the charge in advancing the future of power electronics technologies.

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Resources and Opportunities

The Educational Outreach Committee organizes and supports both the University Kits and STEM Outreach. This committee is actively looking for volunteers to develop/review curriculum, design kits, organize workshops, etc. If you are interested in becoming involved in PELS educational outreach activities, email the VP Global Relations, Katherine Kim.