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Network with PELS Members Locally

200+ Professional and Student Chapters Across the Globe

Chapters offer the opportunity for PELS members in local areas to network with colleagues, develop activities for professional development, and share expertise through a technical exchange. The PELS has over 200 national and international chapters, both for professionals and students.

For those with leadership skills, local Chapters provide opportunities to practice, build, demonstrate, and develop your skills. Chairs and other executives are always in demand in both the local Chapter and the Section. Thereafter, opportunities may expand and move on through either Regional Activities to higher levels of management or the international route to the Technical Committees (TC). Skills learned and used at the Chapter level are the same as those used in business. Also, the environment within the local Chapter is friendlier than that of most businesses since IEEE is seeking to serve the needs of local members.

We hope you will join us and get to know PELS members in your region.
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Some of Our Popular Local Programs

distinguished lecturers program

Distinguished Lecturers Program

In support of regular chapters and chapters under creation, the PELS offers the Distinguished Lecturers (DL) Program in which worldwide recognized experts in the field can visit a chapter/section to give talks to help promote power electronics in a country.  DLs are invited to regional chapters to lead discussions on the latest results and their practical applications related to the analysis, computer-aided design, and practical implementation of circuits and the application of circuit theoretic techniques to systems and signal processing.

chapter awards

Chapter Awards

To promote technical activities within PELS chapters, the PELS instituted the Best Chapter Award and the Best Student Branch Chapter Award.  These awards are given annually to chapters that make the best use of the PELS supporting capabilities and conduct activities, such as organizing conferences and technical talks, operating a website, and promoting power electronics technology.


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