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Welcome to the PELS Community

Join Our 13,000+ Members and Power Up Your Career

We’re a talented group of individuals specializing in the field of power electronics—academics, industry professionals, and students—applying our global perspectives towards achieve this goal: “Powering a Sustainable Future.”  

The primary goal of PELS is to give our members the tools they need to stay on top of new technologies and other advances in power electronics while growing personally and professionally. We believe that a strong, active community is critical to achieving this goal, laying the groundwork for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. 

Below we have outlined three steps you can take to start your journey with PELS, and in doing so, we hope it gives you some insight into how our community is organized. We hope you’ll join us!

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VP of Membership

Dehong (Mark) Xu
Zhejiang University, China

PELS Membership

1. Become a Member

The IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) invites both IEEE and non-IEEE members to become PELS members. Our member privileges and opportunities are extensive and are designed to support professional and personal growth. To learn about the member benefits specific to IEEE PELS, please visit the membership page.

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2. Propel Your Career, Get Involved

With membership comes many opportunities to engage with the PELS community. By getting more involved and working with other members in a volunteer role for PELS, you can build stronger relationships with those in your professional network, learn new leadership and technical skills, take a vital role in helping the organization to fulfil its mission and vision, and even make  lifelong friendships with like-minded professionals from across the globe. There are many ways to become more active within our community.

Below is a summary of options to consider—locally, within a group, or at the broader level:

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PELS has local chapters around the world. This is a great way to connect with professionals in your region who are PELS members. Local organizations organize and host events and conferences, and more. There are also student chapters for undergraduate and graduate students. See our Chapter Locator to find a chapter near you.

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The PELS community has established groups with specific interests that may also align with yours. Explore these:

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Whatever your interest or level of experience and expertise, there are many ways to participate: Leadership, Publications, Technical Activities, Conferences and Events, and Education. You can find out more by visiting our Volunteer page or contacting the organization. 

Get Started

3. Engage with Our Community

Find Your Area of Interest

PELS is a volunteer-driven organization. Learn about the roles other volunteers  currently hold.

Add a PELS Event to Your Schedule

Sign up for an upcoming event, conference, or meeting.

Stay Up-to-Date

Read the latest announcements and news from the PELS team