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Global Relations


Global Relations

As a global organization, PELS strives to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with other professional societies and organizations. As part of this work, we:

  • Foster connections with PELS members who are not affiliated with a chapter, ensuring inclusivity and engagement across diverse geographical areas.
  • Established liaison representatives within IEEE Regions 7-10 to facilitate smooth communication and collaboration.
  • Actively support formal ties with IEEE Sister Societies, Councils, Initiatives, and Communities, thereby promoting knowledge exchange and collective growth within the field of power electronics.
  • Seek to establish and maintain formal relationships with non-IEEE societies worldwide that share common interests with PELS.

Through these efforts, we support opportunities for jointly sponsored activities, fostering innovation and advancing the power electronics field on a global scale.

global relations

Resources and Opportunities

The Global Relations Committee supports activities related to global relations in PELS, which meets regularly at the IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) and IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Expo (ECCE) conferences in North America. If you are interested in becoming involved in PELS global relations activities, email the VP Global Relations, Katherine Kim.


View our Global Relations Committee Policies and Procedures