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Technical Activities

Advancing the Technology of Power Electronics Through Our Technical Activities Work

There are many opportunities for PELS members to stay current in the workplace and work on mission-driven activities that build knowledge and awareness of the latest advances in power electronics through the Society’s technical activities. Work in these areas spans from setting standards and initiating special programs and projects to coordinating technical committee activities, including:

  • Organizing and sponsoring various topic-focused events, such as mini-conferences, panels, short courses, symposia, tutorials, and workshops.
  • Providing representatives for the Technical Committees at PELS conferences.
  • Supporting PELS-sponsored publications by reviewing submitted papers, serving as editors, and submitting papers and special issue proposals.
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IEEE PELS is the driving force behind numerous standards activities relating to power electronics and smart grid initiatives. Visit our Standards page to learn about current and ongoing standards, operating procedures for governing this work,  and more.

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Programs and Projects

IEEE PELS develops special activities that are originated by the PELS Executive Committee, created by the Technical Committees, or launched under a three-year new initiative process. Learn about our work our Roadmaps and initiatives on Global Energy Access and Cyber Physical Security.

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