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Transactions on Power Electronics Prize Paper Award

IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics (TPEL) Prize Paper Award

About the Award

The editorial board of the IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics (TPEL) recognizes first-place and second-place papers that are deemed the best papers among those published in TPEL.

Award Prize:

  • Certificate(s)
  • An honorarium to be shared equally among the authors (USD 1,000 for first-place, USD 500 for second-place)
Award Details

Recognizing Outstanding Achievements

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2023 Honoree:

Nomination/Evaluation under progress

Eligibility Requirements & Criteria

Eligibility: All papers published in TPEL during the preceding calendar year are eligible for nomination. Papers are eligible for nomination by the Editorial Board.

Criteria: The established transactions review criteria are used as the basis for the Prize Paper selection.  Specific emphasis is placed on the following:

  • Contribution to the field
  • Originality
  • The extent to which the paper is supported by analysis and experimental evidence
  • The quality of the presentation, including the effective use of illustrations

Past 1st Place Recipients

Year Title
2022 7.2 kV Three-Port SiC Single-Stage Current-Source Solid-State Transformer With 90 kV Lightning Protection
A Family of Hybrid IPT Couplers with High Tolerance to Pad Misalignment
Precise Luminous Flux and Color Control of Dimmable Red-Green-Blue Light-Emitting Diode Systems
Vertical Stacked LEGO-PoL CPU Voltage Regulator
Data-Driven Continuous-Set Predictive Current Control for Synchronous Motor Drives
2021 “Discovery of the Nearly Zero Flux Between Two Parallel Conductors in Planar Transformers”
“A Field Enhancement Integration Design Featuring Misalignment Tolerance for Wireless EV Charging Using LCL Topology”
“Fast Numerical Power Loss Calculation for High-Frequency Litz Wires”
“Unified Models for Coupled Inductors Applied to Multiphase PWM Converters”
2020 “Small-Signal Modeling and Stability Prediction of Parallel Droop-Controlled Inverters Based on Terminal Characteristics of Individual Inverters”
“Mission Profile-Based System-Level Reliability Prediction Method for Modular Multilevel Converters”
“A Reliable Ultrafast Short-Circuit Protection Method for E-Mode GaN HEMT”
“Design of a GaN-Based Interleaved Nine-Level Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverter for Electric Aircraft Applications”
2019 “Performance Evaluation of Series-Compensated IPT Systems for Transcutaneous Energy Transfer”
“Dynamic ON-State Resistance Test and Evaluation of GaN Power Devices Under Hard- and Soft-Switching Conditions by Double and Multiple Pulses”
“Switched Tank Converters”
“An Integrated SiC CMOS Gate Driver for Power Module Integration”
2018 “An LC/S Compensation Topology and Coil Design Technique for Wireless Power Transfer”
“An Analytical Method to Evaluate and Design Hybrid Switched-Capacitor and Multilevel Converters”
“Soft-Switching Solid-State Transformer (S4T)”
2017 “Intermediate-Range Wireless Power Transfer With Segmented Coil Transmitters for Implantable Heart Pumps”
“High-Speed Finite Control Set Model Predictive Control for Power Electronics”
“High-Temperature Electrical and Thermal Aging Performance and Application Considerations for SiC Power DMOSFETs”
2016 “A Systematic Approach to Modeling Impedances and Current Distribution in Planar Magnetics”
“A New Package of High-Voltage Cascode Gallium Nitride Device for Megahertz Operation”
“Development of Wireless In-Wheel Motor Using Magnetic Resonance Coupling”
2015 “A Modular Multilevel DC/DC Converter With Fault Blocking Capability for HVDC Interconnects”
“Maximum Energy Efficiency Tracking for Wireless Power Transfer Systems”
“High-Efficiency Transcutaneous Energy Transfer for Implantable Mechanical Heart Support Systems”
2014 “A Critical Review on Recent Progress of Mid-Range Wireless Power Transfer”
“Generalized Active EMF Cancel Methods for Wireless Electric Vehicles”
“One-Dimensional Spectral Analysis of Complex PWM Waveforms Using Superposition”
2013 “The Essence of Three-Phase PFC Rectifier Systems–Part I”
“The TAIPEI Rectifier–A New Three-Phase Two-Switch ZVS PFC DCM Boost Rectifier”
“Modeling and Reduction of Conducted EMI of Inverters with SiC JFETs on Insulated Metal Substrate”
2012 “Evaluation of Magnetic Materials for Very High-Frequency Power Applications”
“Active-Power Control of Individual Converter Cells for a Battery Energy Storage System Based on a Multilevel Cascade PWM Converter”
“Towards a 99% Efficient Three-Phase Buck-Type PFC Rectifier for 400-V DC Distribution Systems”
2011 “Conservative Power Theory, a Framework to Approach Control and Accountability Issues in Smart Microgrids”
“EMI Filter Design for a 1 MHz, 10 kW ThreePhase/Level PWM Rectifier”
“Optimization of Shielded PCB Air-Core Toroids for High-Efficiency DC-DC Converters”
2010 “New Modeling Approach and Equivalent Circuit Representation for Current-Mode Control”
“Predictive Torque Control of an Induction Machine Fed by a Matrix Converter with Reactive Input Power Control”
“EMI Noise Prediction for Electronic Ballasts”
2009 “Reaching High Power Density in Multikilowatt DC/DC Converters with Galvanic Isolation”
“A General Photo-Elecro-Thermal Theory for Light Emitting Diode (LED) Systems”
“Accurate Small-Signal Model for the Digital Control of an Automotive Bidirectional Dual Active Bridge”
2008 “Multilevel DC-DC Power Conversion System with Multiple DC Sources”
“Optimal Design of a Hybrid Winding Structure for Planar Contactless Battery Charging Platform”
“Performance Evaluation of Bridgeless PFC Boost Rectifiers”
2007 “Resistance Compression Networks for Radio-Frequency Power Conversion”
“Multibit Sigma-Delta PWM Digital Controller IC for DC-DC Converters Operating at Switching Frequencies Beyond 10 MHz”
2006 “Lateral Power MOSFET for Megahertz-frequency, High-density DC/DC Converters”
“Small-Signal z-Domain Analysis of Digitally Controlled Converters” 
“Digital Control of SinglePhase Power Factor Preregulators Based on Current and Voltage Sensing at Switch Terminals”
2005 “Flyboost Power Factor Correction Cell and a New Family of Single-Stage AC/DC Converter”
“Predictive Digital Control of Power Factor Preregulators with Input Voltage Estimation using Disturbance Observers”
“Improvement of EMI Filter Performance with Parasitic Coupling Cancellation”

Past 2nd Place Recipients

Year Title
2022 A 98.4% Efficiency 380V-12V DCX With 1.3kW/in3 Power Density Using Low NFoM Devices and Resonant Drive Transformer
A MHz-Pulse-Transformer Isolated Gate Driver With Signal-Power Integrated Transmission for Medium-Voltage SiC MOSFETs
Integrated Design for Lifetime Extension and ESR Monitoring of Hybrid DC Link in Solid-State Transformer From the Perspective of High-Frequency Ripple Current
Priority-Driven Self-Optimizing Power Control Scheme for Interlinking Converters of Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid Clusters in Decentralized Manner
Rethinking Current Controller Design for PLL-Synchronized VSCs in Weak Grids
Condition Health Monitoring of Modular Multilevel Converter Submodule Capacitors
A Mathematical Design Approach to Volumetric Optimization of EMI Filter and Modeling of CM Noise Sources in a Three-Phase PFC
A 300 kHz, 63 kW/L ZVT DC–DC Converter for 800-V Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles
Benchmarking Nonlinear Oscillators for Grid-Forming Inverter Control
2021 “A Highly Reliable Single-Phase AC to Three-Phase AC Converter With a Small Link Capacitor”
“A New Approach to Steady-State Modeling, Analysis, and Design of Power Converters”
“Integrated Magnetics Design for a Three-Phase Differential-Mode Rectifier”
“Three-Phase to Single-Phase Multiresonant Direct AC-AC Converter for Metal Hardening High-Frequency Induction Heating Applications”
“General Pathways to Higher Order Compensation Circuits for IPT Converters via Sensitivity Analysis”
“A 1-A 6-MHz Digitally Assisted Buck-Boost Converter With Seamless Mode Transitions and Fast Dynamic Performance for Mobile Devices”
“Balance Techniques and PCB Winding Magnetics for Common-Mode EMI Noise Reduction in Three-Phase AC–DC Converters”
“Differential Power Processing for Ultra-Efficient Data Storage”
2020 “Development of High-Power High Switching Frequency Cryogenically Cooled Inverter for Aircraft Applications”
“A Reduced-Switch-Count Family of Soft-Switched High-Frequency Inductive AC-Link Converters”
“Tunable Matching Networks Based on Phase-Switched Impedance Modulation”
“Overview of Modulation Strategies for LLC Resonant Converter”
“Maximum Efficiency Point Tracking for Multiple-Transmitter Wireless Power Transfer”
“Multicell Reconfigurable Multi-Input Multi-Output Energy Router Architecture”
2019 “Investigating the EMI Mitigation in Power Inverters Using Delay Compensation”
“Circuit Models and Fast Optimization of Litz Shield for Inductive-Power-Transfer Coils”
“Dynamic Capabilities of Multi-MHz Inductive Power Transfer Systems Demonstrated With Batteryless Drones”
“20-kW Zero-Voltage-Switching SiC-mosfet Grid Inverter With 300 kHz Switching Frequency”
“Minimum Active Switch Requirements for Single-Phase PFC Rectifiers Without Electrolytic Capacitors”
“Three-Terminal Common-Mode EMI Model for EMI Generation, Propagation, and Mitigation in a Full-SiC Three-Phase UPS Module”
2018 “Junction Temperature Control for More Reliable Power Electronics”
“Active Virtual Ground–Single-Phase Transformerless Grid-Connected Voltage Source Inverter Topology”
“Planar Transformers with Near-Zero Common-Mode Noise for Flyback and Forward Converters”
“A High Step-Up Ratio Soft-Switching DC-DC Converter for Interconnection of MVDC and HVDC Grids”
“An Integrated Power Module Based on the Power-System-in-Inductor Structure”
2017 “Multitrack Power Conversion Architecture”
“Higher Order Compensation for Inductive-Power-Transfer Converters With Constant-Voltage or Constant-Current Output Combating Transformer Parameter Constraints”
“Design of Inductors with Significant AC Flux”
“Improving Loading and Unloading Transient Response of a Voltage Regulator Module Using a Load-Side Auxiliary Gyrator Circuit”
“A 1 MHz Half-Bridge Resonant DC/DC Converter Based on GaN FETs and Planar Magnetics”
2016 “Impedance-Based Analysis of Grid-Synchronization Stability for Three-Phase Paralleled Converters”
“High Switching Performance of 1700-V, 50-A SiC Power MOSFET Over Si IGBT/BiMOSFET for Advanced Power Conversion Applications”
“Global Synchronous Pulse Width Modulation of Distributed Inverters”
“Advanced Accelerated Power Cycling Test for Reliability Investigation of Power Device Modules”
“An Inductive and Capacitive Combined Wireless Power Transfer System With LC-Compensated Topology”
2015 “Circuit Topologies, Modeling, Control Schemes, and Applications of Modular Multilevel Converters”
“Performance of Power-Limited Differential Power Processing Architectures in Mismatched PV Systems”
“Infinity-Norm of Impedance-Based Stability Criterion for Three-Phase AC Distributed Power Systems With Constant Power Loads”
“Effects of Interaction of Power Converters Coupled via Power Grid: A Design-Oriented Study”
“Evaluation of Switching Performance of SiC Devices in PWM Inverter-Fed Induction Motor Drives”
2014 “Active Harmonic Filtering Using Current-Controlled, Grid-Connected DG Units With Closed-Loop Power Control”
“A Zero-Voltage Switching Three-Phase Inverter”
“Impedance Modeling and Analysis of Grid-Connected Voltage-Source Converters”
“A Bidirectional-Switch-Based Wide-Input Range High-Efficiency Isolated Resonant Converter for Photovoltaic Applications”
“An Adaptive Impedance-Matching Network Based on a Novel Capacitor Matrix for Wireless Power Transfer”
2013 “Design Optimization of Transformerless Grid-Connected PV Inverters Including Reliability”
“Design and Control of a Modular Multilevel DC/DC Converter for Regenerative Applications”
“An Integrated Three-port Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for PV Application on DC Distribution System”
“Automated Fast Extractions of Compact Thermal Models for Power Electronic Modules”
“Load Detection Model of Voltage-Fed Inductive Power Transfer System”
2012 “A Stationary Reference Frame Grid Synchronization System for Three-Phase Grid-Connected Power Converters Under Adverse Grid Conditions”
“Closed-Form Solution for Minimum Conduction Loss Modulation of DAB Converters”
“High-Frequency Resonant SEPIC Converter With Wide Input and Output Voltage Ranges”
“Single-Stage, Universal-Input AC/DC LED Driver With Current-Controlled Variable PFCBoost Inductor”
“Unified Three-Terminal Switch Model for Current Mode Controls”


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