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IEEE Power Electronics Magazine

About Us

IEEE Power Electronics Magazine publishes peer reviewed articles related to power electronics and its applications which encompass the effective use of electronic components, application of control theory and circuit design techniques, and the development of analytical tools used in efficient and effective energy conversion, control, utilization, and conditioning of electric power. The IEEE Power Electronics Magazine is limited to the field of interest of the IEEE Power Electronics Society. Topics also include publication of new trend technologies that are being pursued by industry, design practices and case studies, significant amount of state of the art surveys tutorials, and non-technical contributions: news about society activities, interviews, and historical articles.

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Ashok Bindra,
Austin, TX 78735 USA
+1 631 672-2875

Who We are

Our Leadership

Magazine Editors-in-Chief, Sales & Staff

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Stephanie Watts Butler
Technology Innovation Architect
WattsButler LLC
Dallas, TX, 75243, USA

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Leon M. Tolbert
Min H. Kao Professor
Electrical Engineering and
Computer Science
The University of Tennessee
520 Min H. Kao Bldg
Knoxville, TN, 37996-2250, USA


Kristen N. Parrish
Beijing, CN

Advertising Sales

Kathy Naraghi
WelComm, Inc.
+1 858 279-2100

Magazine Advisory Board

MAB Cochair

Leon M. Tolbert
Chairman The University of Tennessee, TN, USA

MAB Cochair

Stephanie Watts Butler
WattsButler LLC, USA

Advisory Board

Robert N Guenther, Jr
GPEM LLC, Marysville, Ohio, USA

Advisory Board

Jennifer Vining
University of Washington Seattle, WA, USA

Advisory Board

Annette Mutze
Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria

Advisory Board

Soma Essakiappan
University of North Carolina- Charlotte, NC, USA

Advisory Board

Tony O’Gorman
PESC Inc. San Diego, CA, USA

Advisory Board

Yingying Kuai
Caterpillar Inc. Mossville, IL, USA

Advisory Board

Alpha J. Zhang
Delta Electronics Shanghai, China

IEEE Publishing Operations

445 Hoes Lane, Piscataway, NJ 08854 USA

Journals Production Manager

Brian Johnson

Senior Manager, Journals Production

Katie Sullivan

Senior Art Director

Janet Dudar

Associate Art Director

Gail A. Schnitzer

Production Coordinator

Theresa L. Smith

Sr. Manager Advertising and Business Development

Mark David

Manager, Advertising Production

Felicia Spagnoli

Director, Production Services

Peter M. Tuohy

Director, Editorial Services

Kevin Lisankie

Senior Director, Publishing Operations

Dawn M. Melley

IEEE PELS Leadership

IEEE Power Electronics Society Officers


Technical Committee Chairs

IEEE Power Electronics Society Staff

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We welcome feedback and will feature reader submissions with permission. Please visit our Author Information page for more information on Author submissions.

Mission Statement

To educate, inform, and entertain our community of IEEE Power Electronics Society members on technology, events, industry news, and general topics relating to consumer electronics and to further serve and support our Members in professional career development through tutorials and raising awareness of engineering tools and technologies.

The magazine is archived in IEEE Xplore, and articles from all issues are available for download.