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Advances in SiC Technologies Address High-Voltage Electrification Design Challenges

Ranbir Singh
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Advances in SiC Technologies Address High Voltage Electrification Design Challenges Novel Device Architecture Addresses Performance Demands of Next Generation Power Electronics Applications

The move to a more-electrified society that is critical for global environmental sustainability is a key driver behind the rapid growth in deployment of silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductors. Capable of operating at higher voltages than their silicon counterparts, SiC devices in general offer superior efficiency, faster switching speeds and more robust operation—particularly at high temperatures. Now, devices at the 3.3 kV rating and above are becoming particularly important in higher-power applications. This article looks at the latest developments in GeneSiC technology, and the benefits those bring to new and emerging high-voltage applications, and how such devices can be deployed.

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