TC 7: Critical Power and Energy Storage Systems

Scope: To focus on the development and implementation of international conferences and other activities (e.g., workshops, publications, webinars, standards, etc.) as required to treat all matters in which the dominant factors are the research, sustainability, fundamental development, design, application, and management of critical power, energy storage, and related systems

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Some of TC 7's activities include the consideration of materials and components used therein, standardization of definitions, nomenclature, symbols, and operating characteristics, and the exchange of information through technical papers, conferences, workshops, and demonstrations.  All activities are done in the best interest of PELS members and in the spirit of increasing the value of PELS membership.  TC 7's technical areas of focus shall be the following:

  • Batteries and associated interface circuitry
  • Other energy storage system
  • Power systems for information and communications technology (ICT) applications, such as data centers, communication networks, internet applications, or other critical infrastructure systems
  • Resilient, reliable, and highly available power infrastructure for mission-critical applications (e.g., healthcare, finances, security, industrial, telecom, broadband, renewables, etc.)
  • Sustainable power electronics-enabled energy systems for critical applications


Upcoming Meeting

PELS TC7: Communication Energy Systems
Tuesday, 31 October - 8:00 am - 9:30 am Central
Music City Center, Room 101 C
Nashville, TN  USA
PELS Meeting Series in Conjunction with ECCE 2023