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PELS WIE Pledge: The IEEE Power Electronics Society pledges to work toward diversified representation and participation at all IEEE PELS meetings, conferences, and events.  All aspects of diversity will be considered, including but not limited to: gender, region, affiliation, race, ethnicity, and culture.

PELS is committed to fostering diversity and inclusion in philosophy and practice throughout its organization and programming.  Inclusiveness allows PELS to embrace the diversity of its members and their careers while respecting everyone's needs and values with honesty and transparency.  To support this commitment, the PELS Women in Engineering (WIE) group was formed.

PELS WIE is a dedicated group that serves PELS and focuses on the development of events that support and welcome the entire community to be a part of the conversation.  Its goal is to facilitate the recruitment and retention of women in technical disciples globally.  The group envisions a vibrant community of IEEE women and men collectively using their diverse talents to innovate for the benefit of humanity.  PELS WIE is also a part of the global IEEE WIE network that has over 22,000 IEEE members and volunteers who help promote women engineers and scientists and inspire girls around the world to follow their academic interests with a career in engineering and science.

  • Develop New Initiatives: Collect feedback from members to identify opportunity areas and develop new initiatives to increase participation at all levels of PELS.
  • Educational and Networking Events: WIE events focus on broadening the discussion around the experiences of underrepresented groups in engineering and how to support a diverse engineering community that encompasses both professional development as well as diversity and inclusion topics.  Events are open to all members of the PELS community regardless of gender identity and are held at various PELS-sponsored conferences, such as APEC and ECCE.  Previous events include career talks from women leaders in power electronics and discussions on career advancement.  Announcements for future events are listed on the PELS website under Upcoming Events, in the PELS eNewsletter, and on individual conference websites.
  • Membership Advancement: Support the advancement of women members to IEEE Senior Members and nominate women to become IEEE Fellows.
  • Visibility Tracking: Track statistics of PELS members who are women and a part of Administrative Committees, Conference Committees, Distinguished Lecturers, IEEE Fellows, Journal Editorial Boards, PELS Award Recipients, and Regional Distinguished Lecturers.

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Support for Events

PELS is offering support for WIE activities at conferences.  Each submission is evaluated by the PELS WIE Committee for consideration and will receive a response within seven business days.  In exchange for funding, the requestor must commit to providing the following items:

  • How the event supports PELS' diversity initiatives and future plans
  • Photos of the event
  • Promotional content ahead of the event for PELS to promote
  • Write-up on the event that covers key highlights

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