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Getting Involved With IEEE Power Electronics Society: Successful APEC Event for WIE, YP, and You!

Stephanie Watts Butler
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An insurmountable wall of acronyms glued together with complex organizational dynamics can present a complicated scenario for those wanting to become more involved with the IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS). This wall can feel even more unsurmountable to those new to engaging with the IEEE, especially students, recent graduates, or diverse members. Industry members may struggle to find relevant opportunities, and non-native English speakers may find understanding the jargon too large of an obstacle. PELS’s five-year strategic plan lists and cites engagement of its membership several times, especially with respect to diversity and inclusion and industrial membership [1] . Therefore, the leadership of PELS, with the assistance of the PELS Women in Engineering (WIE) Committee, have been investigating best practices for increasing engagement levels and satisfaction.

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