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The Roaring 20s: A Decade Helping Reshape the Face of IEEE PELS

Lauren E. Kegley
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Looking back, 2020 was a year of great reflection for many of us—an opportunity to re-evaluate some of our patterns and make decisions on how we want to invest our time moving forward. While the world waited for the end of a pandemic, the IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) Women in Engineering (WiE) committee made important strides towards reshaping our strategy for supporting the IEEE PELS membership. As a part of this evolution in mission, we strive to not only elevate women in our technical society but to create inclusive environments to promote learning for all of our membership—regardless of gender identity. This evolution is key to acting on one of our society’s core values: Diversity and Inclusiveness is the first core value listed within the PELS Strategic Plan. “PELS embraces the imperative to encourage and assure the diversity and inclusion in our membership, volunteers, local and AdCom leadership. We shall respect each other’s needs and values with honesty and transparency.”

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