TC 8: Electronic Power Grid Systems


Scope Statement

The Electronic Power Grid Systems (EPGS) promotes the modernization of the Electric Grid towards 100% use of power electronics leading to more sustainable power production and use of electrical energy. The TC will focus on all the topics arising from the interaction of two or more than two power converters connected in a non-isolated system and especially where such power converters take a managerial role in the interconnected system." Included thrust areas are modeling and simulations of large-scale electronic power grids, interoperability, stability, security, power quality, reliability of electronic power grid systems, system-level cybersecurity, communication, and coordinated control. Furthermore, this technical committee has a thrust area to focus on the hybrid operation of meshed grids and structured microgrids enabled by the use of power converter systems. Specific technology areas - such as FACTS, HVDC, Smart Transformers, and converters that interface distributed energy resources, loads, and storage systems. Expected outcomes of the TC  are expected to be among others – standards, grid-code-compliance testing, leading webinars, etc., considering the interaction of power converters with their environment (through modeling, HIL, and PHIL) as well as the protection of electronic grid systems with the majority of power converters, considering the power converter as an active actor.

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Policy and Procedures

PELS TC8 Policies and Procedures


Upcoming Meeting

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Patrick Wheeler

VP for Technical Operations

University of Nottingham