TC 5: Sustainable Energy Systems

Mission: To cover "technologies of sustainable energy systems relevant to the applications of power electronics, including principles, controls, components, apparatuses, systems, and networks."

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Upcoming Meeting

PELS TC5: Sustainable Energy Technical Committee
Tuesday, 31 October - 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm Central
Music City Center, Room 101 D
Nashville, TN  USA
PELS Meeting Series in Conjunction with ECCE 2023


Programs and Services

  • Act as a technical/financial co-sponsor for the Asian Conference on Energy, Power, and Transportation Electrification (ACEPT) and the IEEE Conference on Power Electronics and Renewable Energy (CPERE)
  • Initiate and organize the annual IEEE International Symposium on Power Electronics for Distributed Generation Systems (PEDG) and established best paper awards
  • Involved with PELS initiatives (e.g., Empower a Billion Lives (EBL), International Technology Roadmap of Power Electronics for Distributed Energy Systems (ITRD), International Technology Roadmap for Wide Bandgap Power Semiconductors (ITRW))
  • Propose and organize Special Issues for the IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics (JESTPE) and Special Compendia for the IEEE Open Journal of Power Electronics (OJPEL) in the areas of sustainable energy systems (SES), allowing authors to enhance papers presented at APEC, ECCE, and PEDG
  • Propose and organize Special Sessions in the areas of SES at ECCE
  • Provide technical podcasts and webinars on the latest SES topics
  • Provide Technical Program Committee Vice-Chairs and Session Chairs to manage the review of papers in the areas of SES at ECCE
  • Work closely with Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) to organize Special Sessions for APEC
Past Achievements
  • Established best paper awards and Student Travel Support Award for PEDG
  • Established PELS Sustainable Energy Systems Technical Achievement Award
  • Established Traveling Lecturer Program that yields the latest developments in TC 5 areas 

Thrust Areas

#1 - Reliable PE and Systems for Sustainable EnergySystems (SES) led by Frede Blaabjerg (Aalborg Univ.) and Debrup Das (Hitachi-ABB Power Grids)

#2 - Wide- and Narrow-Bandgap Technologies for SES led by Sudip K. Mazumder (Univ. of Illinois) and Tirthajyoti Sarkar (On Semiconductor)

#3 - Smart Cities, Sustainable Interdependencies, Internet of Things (IoT), and Energy Cyber-Physical Systems led by Juan Balda (Univ. of Arkansas) and Kaushik Basu (IISC)

#4 - Smart and Microgrids, Rural and Off-grid Electrification led by Liuchen Chang (Univ. of New Brunswick), Gab-Su Seo (Natl. Renewable Energy Lab.), and Marcelo Lobo Heldwein (Univ. of Federal de Santa Catarina)

#5 - SES Modeling and Control Issues and Solutions, Predictive Analysis, Data Mining led by Dehong Xu (Zhejiang Univ.), Suman Debnath (Oak Ridge Natl. Lab.), and Martin Ordonez (Univ. of British Columbia)

#6 - SE Sources, Distributed Generation (DG), Energy Storage (including Vehicle-to-Grid) led by Gerard Hurley (NUI Galway), Ankit Gupta (Raytheon), and Madhav Manjrekar (Univ. of North Carolina) 

Juan Carlos Balda (Chair) will share some of the activities that TC 5 has been up to

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