TC 2: Power Components, Integration, and Power ICs

Mission: To foster the timely dissemination of technical information through small- and large-scale technical events on power conversion systems and compoents that are of high interest to PELS members and students; To encourage and provide assistance to members with a common interest in this cross-cutting core area of PELS

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Upcoming Meeting

PELS TC2: Power Conversion Systems and Components
Tuesday, 31 October - 9:30 am - 11:00 am Eastern
Music City Center, Room 101 C
Nashville, TN  USA
PELS Meeting Series in Conjunction with ECCE 2023


Programs and Services

The TC 2 Traveling Lecturer Program is designed to facilitate lectures by eminent and emerging members of the profession at host institutions and local chapter and section events who broadly disperse knowledge and increase interaction between PELS members.

More Information

TC 2 also organizes the International Workshop on Power Supply On Chip (PwrSoC), a biennial workshop that is the leading international technical workshop that focuses on the integration of electrical power converters for multiple applications and addresses a broad range of technologies.  The complete integration on-die (PwrSoC) and integration within a package (PSiP) are of prime interest.  Attendees are dedicated to advancing integrated power conversion technologies.  The workshop covers the integration of both modular and granular electronic power converters for multiple applications by accessing a broad range of leading-edge technologies.  System performance is challenged to meet the demand for ever-greater current density, voltage regulation and optimized control, form factor reduction, high efficiency, and cost reduction in current and emerging applications.