TC 10: Design Methodologies

Over the past years, technological advances took place in fields such as design automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. With these developments, new design methodologies in the field of power electronics became conceivable, especially in the case of power electronic components (magnetics and semiconductor devices) and power electronics systems. Starting with a few scientific papers new design methodologies for power electronics became a focal point. The power electronic society facilitated the ideas for new design methodologies by hosting several initiatives (design automation, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and cyber-physical security) and by setting up a new technical committee on design methodologies (TC 10). 

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Scope Statement

The scope of TC10 is new design methods for power electronics. We explore a range of existing and emerging technologies, including  design automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced optimization methods, to foster the design of power converters and its components. We represent a research community within PELS to develop hardware and software tools for power electronics design. A further emphasis are methods to ensure the data communication and cyber physical security of power electronics systems and converter dominated grid systems. As these methods can be applied to a wide range of applications close cooperation to other TCs will be cultivated. Moreover, TC10  helps to bridge the gap between academia and industry for the utilization of new design methods. 


Policy and Procedures

PELS TC 10 - Policy and Procedures


Upcoming Meetings

Meetings will be held every 3 months - March, June, September, and December on the first Wednesday at 9am New York Time
The next meeting will be on March 2, 2022

Call-in information will be sent out be email to the members of the committee.


Upcoming Webinar


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Patrick Wheeler

VP for Technical Operations

University of Nottingham