Technical Activities

PELS Technical Activities can fuel your career and future!

In striving to build knowledge and awareness of the latest technologies and other advances in power electronics, PELS's goal is to keep members current and competitive in the workplace while providing the tools necessary to help them grow both personally and professionally.  To achieve this goal, PELS organizes various technical activities that provide direct value to its members.  As a professional organization supported by volunteers, PELS encourages active participation from its members.  Direct involvement with society activities gives insight into PELS's operations and provides an opportunity to broaden your professional reach and enhance your career growth potential.

PELS organizes technical activities through its Technical Committees (TCs).  The operation of TCs is governed by Section 10 of the Society Bylaws

As appropriate, TCs will be active in all of PELS's activities.  This includes providing representatives for the respective Technical Program Committee at PELS conferences, providing volunteers for professional reviews of submitted papers (e.g., soliciting assistance from among membership), and organizing events (e.g., mini-conferences, symposia, panels, short courses, tutorials, etc.) as deemed appropriate by PELS and the Committee.  Further, TCs can individually organize workshops and conferences.  Because of the broad nature of TC activities, collaborative sessions with other TCs will be sponsored and are heartily encouraged.  As new technologies and application areas emerge, a TC should seek to address aspects of these topics relative to its charter and work with the Long Range Planning Committee.

TCs will further support PELS publications and standards activities by soliciting volunteers from its membership who can submit proposals and/or serve as authors, committee members, and/or editors.  A TC will look for ways to increase the active participation of its members in informative change related to the career of the Committee, such as stimulating Feature Topics and Special Issues of PELS publications and sponsoring events on special topics (e.g., workshops, tutorials, short courses, panel sessions, etc.).

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University of Nottingham (UK)