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IEEE PELS Launches A New Website

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The IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) is delighted to announce the launch of our new website. As part of this project, three websites (PELS, Power Electronics Magazine, and PELSTube) have been combined to make it easier for all to find information in one place.

The new website elevates the unique PELS red and incorporates design elements, icons, and photography for a more modern and visually engaging experience. A mega menu has been added for easier navigation across the site and to categorize content into various areas:

About: Learn the basics of what PELS is, how PELS is structured, and who is overseeing various areas
Membership: View the benefits of becoming a PELS member and how you can connect with other PELS members in your area
Conferences: See what conferences PELS sponsors and view upcoming conferences that take place around the world
Publications: Take a look at PELS-sponsored publications and learn how to publish papers in each one
Education: Access various digital media such as webinars and podcasts and learn more about how PELS supports students
Technical Activities: Discover how you can get involved in activities that influence the future of power electronics, including PELS Technical Committees, Industry Engagement, and International Roadmaps
News & Media: Stay up to date with the latest PELS news and view a calendar that contains all PELS-related events

This new website has some features unavailable on the previous sites, such as category filters for the news and calendar sections. It is designed to meet IEEE’s accessibility, branding, and UX design requirements and is responsive to various devices, including mobile phones.

We encourage you to take some time and explore our new website!

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