In this digital age, technical information exchange will go beyond traditional paper publications (even though they are already in PDF form and can be easily searched in IEEEXplore).  Many of PELS members want to listen to the Power Point presentations from the conferences that they could not attend in person. They want to attend short course on hot topics right in front of their PCs.  They want to join the virtual community with colleagues in the field of power electronics from all over the world. PELS has realized and committed to meeting these needs.  In the coming few months, we will release a series of multimedia products that benefit both our members and public at large.  We have already developed several video stream and/or voice-over-PowerPoint recording of Energy 2030 conference presentations (available free of charge), and plan to expand the program into several upcoming PELS conferences. Please email me your thoughts on how we can help our members and outreach outside PELS.

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Northeastern Univeristy
VP of Products