Senior Members

Senior Member is the highest grade of membership that IEEE members can apply for and recognizes outstanding career achievements.  It is a mark of distinction and is highly regarded not only within IEEE but by technological industries and companies around the world.  PELS encourages all to learn more about the eligibility requirements and benefits of being a Senior Member.

More Information


  • Ability to Refer Other Candidates: Senior Members can serve as a reference for other applicants for senior membership.
  • Announcements: Announcements of elevation can be made in a Section/Society and/or local newsletters, newspapers, and notices.
  • Coupon: IEEE will provide all newly elevated Senior Members with a coupon worth up to USD $25 to join one new IEEE Society.  It expires on 31 December of the year that it is received.
  • Leadership Eligibility: Senior Members are eligible to hold executive IEEE volunteer positions.
  • Letter of Commendation (upon request): A letter of commendation will be sent to an employer on the achievement of the Senior Member grade.
  • Plaque: Since 1999, all newly elevated Senior Members receive an attractive fine wood with a bronze engraved plaque that can be displayed for clients, colleagues, and employers to see.  The plaque is sent within six to eight weeks after elevation.
  • Recognition: The professional recognition of peers for technical and professional excellence.
  • Referral Coupon: Newly elevated Senior Members are encouraged to find the next innovators of tomorrow and invite them to join IEEE.  The new IEEE member will receive USD $25 off their first year of membership.
  • Review Panel: Senior Members are invited to be on the panel to review Senior Member applications.

How to Apply

To apply for Senior Member status, applicants must have ten years of professional practice (including five years of significant achievement), complete the application form, and provide three references for the experience criteria.  References should be from current IEEE Fellows, Senior Members, or Honorary Members.

More Information and Apply

 PELS Members Elevated to Senior Members (2022)

Mohamad Abou Houran Vijay J, ANITS  Jigyesh Sharma
Kunwar Aditya Jeremy Johnson Prof. Dr. Ir. Bambang
Madhukar Rao Airineni Ravi Kumar Jujjuvarapu Xinhong Yu
Mohsen Akbari Sajjan Kumar Fang Zhang
Binesh Asok Kumar M.Jagadeesh Kumar Pengcheng Zhang
Biju Balakrishnan Hwa Chiang Leo Chi Zhang
Komathi C Anjanee Mishra Andres Salazar
Pengwei Chen Rajakumar P Fengze Hou
Lenine D Pavan Kumar Harjot Singh
Hanbing Dan Rene Poelma Mychal Hoffman
Thomas Ebel Yong Ren Dongwan Roh
Prashant Ganoo