PELS announces the 3rd Annual PELS Day Celebrations!

PELS invites everyone to celebrate PELS Day on 20 June.  On this day in 1987, PELS became a full-fledged Society within IEEE.  What better way to commemorate this day than to get together with colleagues for technical discussions, presentations, or simply an evening of networking and socializing?


How to Celebrate

PELS and the technologies it represents can be celebrated in more than one way.  The Society encourages local Chapters, Student Branch Chapters (SBCs), and other groups to get together and organize their events around 20 June.  This is also a great opportunity for local Chapters and SBCs to co-organize events.  Some event examples include prototype or technology demonstration contests, student presentations, technical talks, virtual industry visits, virtual seminars, and webinars.  Be sure to take a picture of the event as well since PELS plans to reward the best ones.

Let's encourage IEEE Members across the Globe to "power a sustainable future"!

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PELS Trivia Challenge

Beginning on 20 July, PELS-themed trivia questions will be posted on PELS's social media pages leading up to 26 July.  During the closing celebration, the final question will be posted.  Submissions will be open for each day's challenge.  Daily prizes will be awarded to the first correct responses, and a grand prize will be awarded to the individuals with the most correct answers over the 7 days.  Those who answer all 7 correctly will be entered into a raffle to receive a PELS-themed prize!  (Hint: Look around PELS's website if you are not sure of the answer!)

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Meeting Platforms: IEEE MGA volunteers are helping run virtual meetings to continue activities during the COVID-19 pandemic.  They recommend WebEx for IEEE Sections and Google Meet for Affinity Groups, Chapters, and SBCs.  

WebEx is a web conferencing tool designed for real-time online meetings, webinars, training, demos, and presentations.  It allows users to communicate with meeting participants using audio and video, share their computer desktop and presentations with participants, make recordings of web conferences, and more. It works on Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile platforms.

Cisco has announced a WebEx Meetings Free Plan, which allows users to schedule meetings that can be scheduled and last as long as needed, invite up to 100 people to a meeting, start instant meetings in a Personal Room, record meetings, and share content.

WebEx Meetings (Premium) supports up to 1,000 participants.  To be cost-effective and efficient, IEEE MGA offers WebEx services to Geographic Sections in two different ways.  Sections that need 3 to 5 online meetings a year can request a WebEx meeting to be set up for them.  IEEE MGA will process the request and provide the WebEx session information within 3 days.  Sections that need more than 5 online meetings a year can request a dedicated WebEx account by emailing IEEE MGA.

More Information (Free Plan)

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Virtual Backgrounds: Try out one of these PELS Day virtual backgrounds!

pels day backdrop 3

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Joseph Kozak

PELS Day Leadership
Johns Hopkins Univ. Applied Physics Lab (USA)