About the IEEE PELS Mentorship Program:

Established April in 2017 the IEEE Power Electronics Society initiated the PELS Mentorship Program. This program was started as a member benefit to help them prosper and further their career goals. The program is designed to benefit all levels of individuals at any stage in their career.

2020 APEC Mentorship Event Chair

Soma Essakiappan, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

PELS Mentorship Program Chair  

Robert Balog, Texas A & M

Steering Committee:

Stan Atcitty, Sandia National Laboratories

Christina DiMarino, Virginia Tech

Katherine Kim, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology

Harish Krishnamoorthy, University of Houston

Alan Mantooth, University of Arkansas

Grant Pitel, MagnaPower

Ira Pitel, MagnaPower

Kevin Parmenter, Taiwan Semiconductor

Ehab Shoubaki, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Zheyu Zhang, Clemson University


Event: PELS Mentorship Roundtable at APEC 2020 

Date and Time: Monday, 16 March 8:00pm-9:45pm 

Location: Room Great Hall D


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Register ​to ​meet ​the ​leaders ​in ​power-electronics ​through ​a ​face-to-face ​mentoring ​event. ​ ​Our ​distinguished ​mentors ​have ​started ​businesses, ​climbed ​the ​ranks ​of ​IEEE and become ​high-performers ​at ​corporations and universities. ​

PELS ​members ​will ​get ​a ​rare ​opportunity ​to ​ask ​questions ​and ​get ​professional ​advice ​directly ​from ​mentors ​who ​have ​a ​career’s ​worth ​of ​knowledge ​to ​share. ​

Space is ​limited ​to ​5 ​people ​per ​table ​which ​provides ​a ​casual, ​personal, ​and ​quiet ​atmosphere ​for ​conversation. ​ ​Appetizers, desserts, and beverages will be served. ​

 The ​cost ​is ​$10.00 ​per ​person. ​Your ​confirmation ​from ​this ​registration ​will ​be ​your ​ticket ​to ​the ​event. ​


Mentor Information: 

Frede Blaabjerg, Aalborg University-Research and Leadership in Power Electronics: How to find a balance

Liuchen Chang, University of New Brunswick-Engage and volunteer in Professional Organizations for your Career Development 

Patrick Chapman, Enphase- Transitioning between Academia & Industry

Sewan Choi, Seoul Tech- How to Manage Research Activities in an Academic Setting

Ahmed Elasser, GE Global Research- Engineering, Innovations, and Publications in Industry

Johann Kolar, ETH Zurich-Anatomy and Physiology of Excellent Research Papers

Jinjun Liu, Xi'an Jiaotong University-Work and Life of a University Faculty Member

Burak Ozpineci, Oak Ridge National Laboratory- Working with Government vs. Industry Grants

Ira Pitel, MagnaPower- Preparing for and Succeeding in a Career in the Industry

Richard Wainwright, John Deere- Being a Recipient and Agent of Technology Change