We have recently started creating Podcasts highlighting topics of popular interest while having conversations with the leaders of our field hearing about their opinion and perspectives.

Please check out the PELS Podcast listings:

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Large Slide IFEC2020An Excerpt of Experiences and Design Challenges in IFEC 2020-In this podcast, we talk to the young and bright minds of h-bridges from the University of Belgrade, one of the runners up team in IFEC 2020, who share their experiences and embark on the importance of design challenges and competitions for qualitative learning.

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 Small Slide Ned MohanA Fireside Chat with Professor Ned Mohan- We had an inspirational conversation with Professor Ned Mohan in this episode. You will hear about his professional journey in the field of power electronics, power systems, and motor drives, as well as some professional advice.

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Small Slide Podcast 11

Perspectives on a Career Path After (Graduate) School- Considering your future career path? Weighing interests between a career in Academia, Industry, or an International Laboratory? Join hosts from the IEEE PELS Young Professional committee in a conversation with three panelists: Yongheng Yang (Zhejiang University), Samantha Gunter (General Motors), and Lalit Patnaik (CERN), who share their experiences and perspectives working on varying challenges in the power electronics industry across the globe. Additionally, hear their advice for students and young professionals looking for future employment opportunities. 

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PELSPOD020320sA Conversation with Dr. Alan Mantooth, Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Open Journal of Power Electronics- In this episode, we interviewed Dr. Alan Mantooth of the University of Arkansas about the IEEE Open Journal of Power Electronics. 

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Daga Small Slide Ep2 071420The 411 on Wireless Power Transfer featuring Andrew Daga- In this episode, we chatted with Andrew Daga from Momentum Dynamics about Wireless Power Transfer. Andy is the founder, President and CEO of Momentum Dynamics who touched upon the prospects of wireless power transfer and its various applications.

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Dragan Small Slide Ep3 071420A Fireside Chat with Professor Dragan Maksimovic- In this episode, we sat down with Professor Dragan Maksimovic and we will hear some fascinating inside stories about his life and perspectives while being in the field of power electronics for the last thirty years.

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ITRW Small Slide Ep4 071420IEEE ITRW: Everything you Need to Know- In this episode, we sat down with Braham Ferreira and Peter Wilson as they spoke about the IEEE International Technology Roadmap for Wide Bandgap Power Semiconductors (ITRW) and everything you need to know about.

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Uday SmallDevelopment & Testing: A View from Industry- A Chat with Uday Deshpande- In this episode, we spoke with Uday Deshpande from D&V Electronics. Uday is a Chief Technology Officer at D&V Electronics, he discussed his industry view on electrical and electromechanical systems and their applications.

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Pradeep Shenoy Podcast SmallTool Kit: How to Transition from Academia to Industry with Pradeep Shenoy- Are you ambitious? After your hard-earned graduate degree or post-doctoral fellowship, you want to grow and succeed in the power electronics industry, but do not know how. Then this episode is for you. Join hosts Arijit Banerjee and Sheldon Williamson in this IEEE PELS Podcast as they chat with Dr. Pradeep Shenoy, Manager of Power Design Services at Texas Instruments, who sheds light on identifying your goals and interests before you launch a job search. The show provides the inspiration and knowledge you need to build and grow in the power electronics industry for today and beyond.

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Small Ep8 Thomas Jahns

A Fireside Chat with Professor Thomas Jahns- In this episode, we had an inspirational conversation with Professor Thomas Jahns. You will hear about his professional journey in the field of power electronics, electric machines, and drives and some exciting advice.

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John Kassakian Small Slide Ep9

A Fireside Chat with Professor John Kassakian- In this episode, we had an inspirational conversation with Professor John Kassakian. You will hear about his exciting journey in the field of power electronics as well as some professional advice.

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Small Ep 10A Fireside Chat with Professor Annette M├╝tze- Internationalization has become a buzz word in many ways.  Academics are expected to make themselves at home internationally. In this talk, I would like to share with you my own years of experience living internationally and how this has impacted my career, my thinking, and my day-to-day challenges as a professor. 

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Small Slide MantoothPodcastSpotlighting the Future of Design Trends in Power Electronics with Dr. Alan Mantooth- In this episode, we had a chat with Dr. Alan Mantooth from the University of Arkansas, who puts forth his views on the significance of AI/ML, cyber-physical security and design automation for power electronics and about the scope & missions of the newly formed Technical Committee on Design Methodologies (TC10). Presented by the IEEE Power Electronics Society Technical Committee on Design Methodologies

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John Kassakian Small Slide Ep9