Regional DL Nomination and Selection Guidelines

The following guidelines are provided regarding the selection and operation of the Regional DL Program:

  • Nominations for PELS RDLs should be from the PELS Regional Liaisons and concurred by the PELS DL Program Chair and VP of Membership.  The nomination package should include the following:
    1. Nominee's contact information and full resume
    2. One to three proposed lectures each with a title, short abstract (less than 100 words for each title), and language
    3. Nominator's support letter
  • New RDLs will be officially notified no later than 1 October each year.  The RDL list will be published before 31 December and acknowledged in PELS publicity materials, including the website.
  • Appointed RDLs will serve a two-year term and fulfill a commitment of delivering at least four lectures during the two years.  Each RDL can serve up to two consecutive terms (a total of four years).  Appointed RDLs will report their lecture activities to the regional chair/liaison each year.

Please send any inquiries about becoming a RDL to your regional liaison.