Regional DL Nomination and Selection Guidelines

In addition to the DL Program, PELS also offers a Regional Distinguished Lecturers (RDL) Program to support our members and local chapters in various regions around the globe. The selected RDLs will usually give lectures in PELS local chapter/section events within their region, and usually in a local language. 

To request an RDL virtual talk, please click here and complete the form.


How to Arrange an RDL Visit:

The request for an RDL presentation should be initiated by a chapter or student chapter of PELS, approved by the Regional Chair/Country Liaison and VP of Membership, pending the availability of funds to support such activities. Once the DL/RDL virtual lecture is approved, they will have the opportunity to have their presentation recorded and posted to the PELS Resource Center.

PELS will support RDL’s volunteer work by covering transportation expenses up to $1000 while the local PELS chapter is encouraged to cover the local expenses (lodging, foods, local transportation, etc.). The local chapters and the RDLs should make every effort to keep the cost down when making the RDL lecture arrangement.
The RDL program usually does not support an RDL to give a presentation or tutorial at a regular IEEE conference unless it is solely sponsored by a local section or chapter. An RDL should acknowledge and publicize the support of PELS during his or her lecture.

RDL Selection Guidelines:

The following guidelines are provided regarding the selection and operation of the RDL program:

1. PELS Regional Distinguished Lecturers should be nominated by the PELS Regional Liaisons, and concurred by the VP of Membership and the DL Program Chair of PELS. The nomination package should include (1) Nominee's contact information and full resume; (2) 1 to 3 proposed lectures each with a title and short abstract and in which language (less than 100 words for each title); and (3) Nominator’s support letter.

2. The new RDLs will be officially notified no later than October 1 each year. The RDL list will be published before December 31 and will be acknowledged in PELS publicity materials and website.

3. The appointed RDLs will serve a two-year term and fulfill a commitment to delivering at least four lectures during the two-year time period. Each RDL can serve up to two consecutive terms (a total of four years). The appointed RDLs will report their lecture activities to the regional chair/liaison each year.

If you are interested in becoming an RDL please contact your regional liaison.