Digital Media and Education

Mission Statement

One of the critical missions of the PELS is to uphold the educational aspects of power electronics and their applications.  The PELS Digital Media and Education Committee's primary objective is to contribute, lead, and support this mission by creating excitement, disseminating knowledge, and fostering engagement among the PELS members, engineering and scientific communities, and the public.


Ongoing Activities

  • Podcasts: PELS Podcasts highlight topics of popular interest while having conversations with the leaders of the power electronics field where they express their opinions and perspectives.

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  • Student Competitions: To encourage the next generation of power electronics engineers and researchers, the committee has initiated a new competition - the IEEE PELS Ph.D. Thesis Talk (P3 Talk).  The goal of the competition is to showcase Ph.D. projects in 3 minutes to the entire power electronics community, both in academia and industry.  There is also the International Future Energy Challenge (IFEC), which is open to college and university student teams from recognized engineering programs.

  • Webinars: While the PELS continues to maintain a listing of technical experts in the power electronics field who are available for Chapters and conferences, it also invites authors of outstanding technical papers to present webinars.  The objective of PELS webinars is to educate PELS members about the area of power electronics.

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Social Media

Being able to reach out to every corner of the world is critical to the PELS's mission.  The PELS is available on different platforms, including FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, and Twitter.  Everyone can help the PELS to reach the masses and make others aware of power electronics and their cool applications.  For example, if you enjoyed a webinar or podcast, do not forget to use our social media handles  In sponsoring social media groups, the PELS intends to provide members and the technical community with an unbiased and neutral forum of free exchange for sharing and dissemination of social networking, educational discovery, and respectful conversation.

Hosting and Usage Policy

Individuals engaging in the PELS's sites must adhere to and follow the guidelines of the social media usage policy as defined in the IEEE Policies and Procedures Manual.  IEEE social media compliance is driven through the respective social media platforms.  They have their own privacy policies and/or notices built into them.  When content is placed onto any social media platform and engagement occurs (e.g., likes, content sharing, comments, etc.), these engagements are governed by the privacy policy and practices of the social media provider.


Volunteer Opportunities

We are continually looking for highly motivated IEEE PELS members to help us reach even broader communities.  If you have an idea related to the PELS's mission or are interested in volunteering with our committee, please email the Digital Media and Education Chair Prasad Enjeti.

Prasad Enjeti 2019
Digital Media and Education Chair

Texas A&M University (USA)