Harry A. Owen, Jr. Distinguished Service Award

The IEEE PELS Harry A. Owen, Jr. Distinguished Service Award was established in 1996 to honor long and distinguished service to the welfare of the PELS at an exceptional level of dedication and achievement. Since 2011, it is dedicated to the memory of Harry A. Owen, Jr. of the Duke University Pratt School of Engineering in Durham, North Carolina, USA.

Eligibility: All members of the PELS are eligible.

Criteria: Achievements by which an individual is judged to have made outstanding contributions to the PELS encompass a broad range of activities over a substantial period including, but not limited to:

  • creative and invigorating leadership of the Society
  • exceptional administrative and managerial accomplishments on behalf of the Society
  • identification of new technologies within the scope of the Society, and nurturing activities to support these technologies
  • initiation of innovative programs to encourage wider participation in the full spectrum of Society activities
  • the general communication and advocacy of power electronics technology to the technical community as a whole

Award Items:

  • Engraved plaque
  • A one-time honorarium of USD 3,500
  • Reimbursement of up to USD 1,000 towards the recipient's necessary conference registration, travel, and accommodation costs incurred to attend the award ceremony

Submitting a Nominee: When submitting a nominee, you will be asked to log into your existing IEEE account (or register for a new one) to identify as a nominator.  Subsequently, select the IEEE PELS Harry A. Owen, Jr. Distinguished Service Award and enter the required data.

The portal to submit applications is now open.  Please submit your nomination by 31 March 2023. 

Please send any questions to the PELS Awards Committee.

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Year Recipient Name Reason
2021 Braham Ferreira For exemplary service to and leadership of the PELS
2020 Dean Patterson For service to Power Electronics over an extensive period of time, particularly in international inclusivity, education, technical committee growth, and member enfranchisement
2019 Brad Lehman For his leadership as an Editor in Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics
2018 William Gerard Hurley For dedicated service to IEEE PELS for over thirty years, particularly in international conferences and seminars and the promotion of power electronics to a worldwide audience through lectures and invited talks
2017 Dong Tan For sustained services in revitalizing technical activities and in positioning PELS for strategic growth
2016 Dushan Boroyevich For distinguished service, vision, and leadership in guiding the global expansion of the PELS and for his skills as a unique communicator, society advocate, mentor, and scientist
2015 Jerry L. Hudgins For over 25 years of service and leadership to the PELS as a Society Officer, Division Director, conference organizer, and enthusiastic society advocate
2014 Rik De Doncker For his contribution to the globalization of the IEEE PELS
2013 Ralph Kennel For dedicated services to IEEE PELS conferences, workshops, and chapter activities around the globe
2012 Thomas Habetler
2010 John M. Miller
2009 Frede Blaabjerg
2008 Philip T. Krein
2007 Thomas M. Jahns
2006 Jacobus Daniel van Wyk
2005 Christopher O. Riddleberger
2004 Arthur W. Kelley
2003 Koosuke Harada
2002 Robert V. White
2001 William M. Portnoy
2000 Richard G. Hoft
1999 Thomas G. Wilson, Sr.
1998 John G. Kassakian
1997 Harry A. Owen, Jr.


harry a owen

1919 - 2011