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Congratulations! IEEE PELS Ph.D. Thesis Talk Award (P3 Talk) Winners

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P3 Talk 2021

The Digital Media Committee and Award Selection Committees consisted of worldwide Distinguished Professors in the Power Electronics community. Due to the high quality of submissions, each video was reviewed by a panel of three or more judges. I’d like to now congratulate the following  winners:


It is with great pleasure to congratulate the winners of the 2022 IEEE PELS Ph.D. Thesis Talk (P3 Talk) Winners: (in no particular order)

The Award Consists of $1000 USD + Certificate

Once again Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 IEEE PELS Ph.D. Thesis Talk Award (P3 Talk).

Dr. Prasad Enjeti
IEEE PELS Digital Media Chair
TI Professor, Texas A&M University

Want to learn more? What is the P3 Award?

To learn about P3 Awards, click here!

Please see P3 Talk Guidebook for a complete list of requirements, eligibility and helpful hints

We hope you will submit next year! 

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