Programs and Projects

PELS develops special activities that are brought forth by the PELS Executive Committee, created by the Technical Committees, or launched under a three-year new initiative process.


Current Activities

International Technology Roadmap of Power Electronics for Distributed Energy Systems (ITRD)

The ITRD group is calling for academia and students, national labs and research institutions, professional associations, and stakeholders in the industry (consultants, manufacturers, technology providers, and utilities) to work together to provide guidance and foresight for distributed energy resources while beginning the development of working groups to produce a background whitepaper in this focus area.

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International Technology Roadmap for Wide Bandgap Power Semiconductors (ITRW)

The ITRW Program released the first edition of the Roadmap (published in late 2019) and the activities for 2.0 are continuing with the goal to provide reference and guidance to engineers in power electronics by identifying future research, technology developments, and application of wide bandgap power semiconductors.  The ITRW is dedicated to providing a reliable and comprehensive roadmap serving academia, industry, and relevant organizations.

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PELS Cyber-Physical Security (CyPhy)

Now covered by TC 10CyPhy focuses on utilizing the expertise of PELS to define design phase hardware hardening and communicate the requirements within the field of interest.  The CyPhy group publishes, holds the CyberPELS workshop, and focuses on Transportation Electrification, Data Centers, Distributed, and Transmission Grid Security.  Both industry and academia are invited to collaborate on Initiative Activities through Committee work.

PELS Energy Access Working Group

The PELS Energy Access Working Group is home to the Energy Access Community that oversees the activities and organization of the PELS Empower a Billion Lives Global Competition and PELS workshops dedicated to decentralized energy access.  This group seeks interested members from various aspects of the Energy Access Community (e.g., business, policy, social impact, social responsibility, and technology) to join.