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28 February 2024: PELS WIE Breakfast at APEC- Long Beach, CA

8:00 am - 9:00 am, Hyatt Regency Ballroom 

Title: “Elevated Engineer: Emotional Intelligence”

Description: The new Elevated Engineer series, hosted by PELS WiE and DEI, will bring professional development training to conference attendees who are looking to not only excel in their technical careers, but also grow their leadership and management skills. This breakfast event will focus on Emotional Intelligence – a critical skill to help you build relationships, resolve conflicts, and succeed during stressful situations. Join to gain practical tools and valuable insights on how to level-up your leadership abilities.

This event is welcome to all. Registration is free!


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Year Event

ECCE: How to Create Impact Before Reaching Senior Leadership?

PELS WIE will hosted a breakfast panel session on the topic “Leadership Lessons: How to Create Impact Before Reaching Senior Leadership” on Nov. 1st. Panelists shared their stories about their career experiences and triumphs, how they gained valuable soft skills in volunteering with PELS and shed light on the challenges they faced and the strategies they used to navigate through them successfully. 

Power at the Table - An Entrepreneur's Career Path to Clean Energy: Fireside Chat with Lunar Energy Founder and CEO Kunal Girotra

Have you wondered what are the skills, experience, and mindset needed to start a company? Have you pondered how to establish an entrepreneurial career path? Kunal Girotra will share insight from his entrepreneurial journey from process engineer, Head of Tesla Energy to founding clean energy start-up Lunar Energy.

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APEC:  WIE, YP, and You: How to become involved with IEEE PELS and PSMA too

Do you hope to know how to become involved with IEEE PELS & PSMA? Learn all the ways you can engage with PELS and PSMA, network with volunteers and officers, and uncover all the exciting opportunities behind these acronyms.


ECCE (USA): WIE, YP, and You: How to become involved with IEEE PELS and PSMA too

Power at the Table - Advocate for Energy & Data Equity: Fireside Chat with Electric Co-Op CEO Curtis Wynn

Have you wondered how to identify your career goals – even the really scary lofty ones? Have you pondered how to sell a crazy idea to your company and obtain funding? Do you know how to effectively respond when you hear “no” to your ideas or career aspirations?  Curtis Wynn, CEO of SECO Energy, does and consequently, 1000s of homes in Rural Communities have had affordable energy for decades, and now they have affordable access to the internet too.

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APEC (USA): WIE, YP, and You: How to become involved with IEEE PELS and PSMA too

Learn about all the ways you can engage with PELS and PSMA and uncover all the exciting opportunities behind these acronyms.

Event Resources


ECCE (Virtual):

 Mentors + Advocates: How to be one + How to find one by Stephanie Watts Butler, Christina DiMarino, Lauren Kegley, Katherine Kim, Denise Ridley, and Ray Ridley

Learn the difference between a mentor and an advocate as well as how you can find or be a part of the career evolution process for yourself and others.

From Bachelors to Fellow to Board of Directors: Fireside Chat with Electrical Engineer Duy-Loan Le

Learn about Duy-Loan Le's journey in the field of power electronics.


APEC (USA): Power Electronics: A Destination Few Women Have Gone Before by Keyue Ma Smedley

Learn about Keyue Ma Smedley's journey in the field of power electronics.

ECCE (USA): The Role of Mentorship in My Career Path from Bulgaria to Canada by Tanya Gachovska

Learn about Tanya Gachovska's view of mentors and how her mentors helped shape her career path in power electronics.

ECCE (Asia) and ICPE (Korea):"Presentation" by Meiqin Mao

SPEC/COBEP (Brazil): Who Am I? From My Choices To My Life by Camila Gehrke

Learn about Camila Gehrke's career challenges and triumphs that she revealed during her presentation.


APEC (USA): Breaking the Glass Ceiling by Azadeh Ansari

Learn about the challenges and compromises that Azadeh Ansari encountered while pursuing a career in power electronics.

ECCE (USA):"Presentation" by Anette Muetze

ECCE (Asia), IPEC (Japan): The Journey to My Dream: From Astronomy to Electrical Engineering and More by Marta Molinas

Learn about Marta Molinas's personal story of a dream she had as a child and how that dream led her to where she is now.


APEC (USA): The Power to Be by Stephanie Watts Butler

Learn how you can have a powerful career regardless of changes in the power electronics field or your personal life.

ECCE (USA): "Presentation" by Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb

2016 APEC (USA): Impedance Matching Your Power Electronics Career by Katherine A. Kim

 - The Sponsorship Imperative: Critical Roles and Shared Responsibilities by Dr. Elizabeth Travis of MD Anderson

View Elizabeth Travis's slide deck that highlights the importance of sponsors in one's career.

 - Fostering Sponsorship Success Among High Performers and Leaders by Catalyst

View this PDF to learn about sponsorships and how you can set yourself up to receive one.

 - Sponsorship: Defining the Relationship by Harvard Business Review (Podcast, Women at Work, Season 4, Episode 3)

Listen to this podcast episode to learn more about sponsorships.