President's Message: March 2017

Alan Mantooth

Minding the Present While Looking to the Future

It is my honor to take the reins of the IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) for the next two years as Society president. I want to begin by offering my thanks to outgoing President Braham Ferreira for his service for the past two years. He has done a great job and leaves the Society moving forward effectively. Read More...


Upcoming Events

Sponsored by TC 5: Sustainable Energy Systems- Design for reliability in power electronic based renewables

Frede BlaabjergJune 27th 11:00 AM EDT

Presenter: Prof. Frede Blaabjerg

In recent years, the automotive and aerospace industries have brought stringent reliability constraints on power electronic converters because of safety requirements. Today customers of many power electronic products expect up to 20 years of lifetime and they also want to have a “failure free period” and all with focus on the financials. The renewable energy sectors are also following the same trend, and more and more efforts are being devoted to improving power electronic converters to account for reliability with cost-effective and sustainable solutions. This presentation will introduce the recent progress in the reliability aspect study of power electronic converters for power electronic applications with special focus on renewables. READ MORE...

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PELS YP Webinar: Resilient and Sustainable Distribution Systems with Advanced Microgrids

Xiaonan LuJuly 24th 10:00 AM EDT

Presenter: Xiaonan Lu, Argonne National Laboratory

Abstract: Microgrids enable an effective solution of enhancing the resiliency of a low-inertia distribution system. Especially when facing the faults induced by natural disasters, it is necessary to leverage the capabilities of distributed energy resources (DERs) to pick up the critical loads. In this presentation, a resilient and sustainable framework in modern distribution systems using advanced microgrids will be introduced. READ MORE...

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