New Standards Efforts

PELSC began initiating a new working group on Testing and Characterization of Electrochemical Capacitors. A project authorization request (PAR) is being created and this working group will begin its work soon. Contact the working group chair, Dr. John Miller, if you wish to get involved.

PELS and its members are involved in many smart grid initiatives. Among those efforts are participation in the IEEE-SA P2030.1 work on smart grid infrastructure. The IEEE-SA P2030.1 guide will provide a knowledge base for understanding and defining the electric grid infrastructure requirements to support various forms of electric sourced transportation. It will include both vehicle and mass transit, which is necessary to determine the future grid infrastructure requirements that have to be implemented in phases in the near future. The P2030.1 project is being sponsored by the IEEE-SA Standards Coordinating Committee 40 (SCC40).


Current and Ongoing Standards Efforts and Coordinating Committees


Please click here to view the Operating Policies and Procedures for the IEEE Power Electronics Society Standards Committee.


Other Relevant Standards Activities


peter wilson
Director of Standards: Peter Wilson
University of Bath, England
Vice-Chair: Tsuyoshi Funaki
Osaka University, Japan
Treasurer: Liuchen Chang
University of New Brunswick, Canada
Secretary: Matt Wilkowski
Enpirion, USA