Power Magnetics @ High Frequency Workshop


2024 Power Magnetics at High Frequency Workshop Banner

The PSMA Magnetics Committee together with IEEE PELS are currently planning to conduct the ninth "Power Magnetics @ High Frequency" Workshop on Saturday, February 24, 2024, which is the day before and at the same venue as APEC 2024 in Long Beach, CA. The 2024 workshop returns to the site of the inaugural workshop held in 2016 in Long Beach California and plans to build on the success of the 2023 workshop held before APEC 2023 in Orlando Florida earlier this year.
The purpose and focus of this workshop are to identify the latest improvements in magnetic materials, coil (winding) design, construction and fabrication, evaluation and characterization techniques and modelling and simulation tools. This is to target the advancements that are deemed necessary by the participants for power magnetics to meet the technical expectations and requirements of new market applications for higher operating frequencies and emerging topologies that are being driven by continuous advances in circuits topologies and semi-conductor devices. 
More details regarding the workshop can be found at the following url: https://www.psma.com/technical-forums/magnetics/workshop