The eighth International Workshop on Power Supply on Chip (PwrSoC) September 27-29, 2023, Hannover, Germany

PwrSoc 2023 logoThe Eighth International Workshop on Power Supply on Chip (PwrSoC)

September 27-29, 2023

Leibniz University Hannover, Hannover, Germany


Update on Sessions, Technical Program Committee, and Partnership Options

The eighth edition of the biennial International Workshop on Power Supply on Chip (PwrSoC) has been scheduled for September 27 thru 29, 2023, to be held at Leibniz University Hannover, Hannover, Germany. Professor Bernhard Wicht (Leibniz University Hannover) will be the General Chair and local host.

About the Workshop

The Workshop is the leading international forum for the discussion of the challenges and opportunities in technology, business, and supply chain, intent on advancing the miniaturization and integration of power conversion and power management solutions. The Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) and IEEE Power Electronics Society (IEEE PELS) are joint sponsors for the Workshop.

Technical Sessions and Members of the Technical Program Committee

PwrSoC is organized as a single-track workshop. Each session typically has four presentations by experts from industry and academia. The Technical Program Committee of PwrSoC 2023 consists of the Technical Program Chair, Professor Bruno Allard (Université de Lyon, INSA Lyon, France), and 16 international experts. The below list gives an overview of the sessions planned over the three days of the Workshop.

Session Title

Session Chairs / TPC members

Granular Power Supply

Xun Liu (Chinese Univ. Hong Kong, China)

Yasser Nour (Lotus, Denmark)

Integrated Capacitors and Energy Storage

Kousuke Miyaji (Shinshu Univ., Japan)
Dina Reda Eldamak (GUC, Egypt)

Integrated Magnetics

Cian O’Mathuna (Tyndall Institute, Ireland)

Maeve Duffy  (Univ Galway, Ireland)

Marc Wurz (Univ of Hannover, Germany)

Topologies & Control

Yogesh Ramadass (TI, Santa Clara, USA)

Yan Lu (Univ. of Macau, China)

Systems & Integration

Jose Cobos (Univ. Madrid, Spain)

Francesco Carobolante (IoTissimo, USA)

System Integrated Packaging & Manufacturing

Min Chen (Innoscience, USA)

Tina Thomas (Fraunhofer IZM, Germany)

Wide Band Gap Integration

Rinkle Jain (Intel, USA)

Ke-Horng Chen (NYCU Taiwan)

Poster Session

Jens Friebe (Univ. of Kassel, Germany)

Aleksandar Prodic (Univ. of Toronto, Canada)













Partnership Options

For the first time this year, PwrSoc-23 extends the partnership opportunities to the “Gala Dinner” and the “Welcome Reception” in addition to traditional Platinum and Gold options.

For more information, please visit the workshop webpage


If you are interested in becoming a PwrSoC23 Partner / sponsor, please  contact:

Bernhard Wicht, PwrSoC23 General Chair at


Trifon Liakopoulos, PwrSoC23 Financial Chair at: