Registration is open! eGrid 2022- Auckland - in person or virtually

The 7th IEEE Workshop on the Electronic Grid (eGrid 2022) will be held on 29 Nov – 2 Dec, 2022 in Auckland, New Zealand. This workshop is jointly sponsored by IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) and IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES). With the increasing applications of power electronics in the power grid, these two independent domains of power engineering are increasingly being integrated more closely from a systems viewpoint, ever than before. eGrid provides an international forum for academics and industry in the field of electronic grid to exchange information on their latest research ideas, progresses, developments, experiences, achievements, state-of-art technical trends, and applications.

The previous eGrid workshops have been held with great success in Hefei China (eT&D 2016), Aalborg Denmark (eT&D 2017), Charleston USA (eGrid 2018), Xiamen China (eGrid 2019), Aachen Germany (eGrid 2020), and USA (eGrid 2021). The conference papers will be indexed by EI and included in IEEE Xplorer.

eGrid 2022- Auckland  includes the traditional 3-day themed panels, presentations and posters focusing on:

    • Green Energy Technologies
    • The future workforce to support deeper renewable electrification
    • Innovations and start-ups to support AC/DC Hybrid Grid end-to-end operation
    • Technical challenges for addressing planning
    • Operation of and maintaining the Hybrid grid

Social events to interact and engage amongst attendees that includes welcome session, poster session and workshop banquet will also be a key part of eGrid 2022 delegate experience.

Hybrid AC/DC  Grid Day is being developed for 2nd of December open to all workshop attendees. More details to emerge in the coming weeks.

Keynote & Featured Presenters

Dr Cristiano Marantes
Chief Executive, Ara Ake, NZ

Alison Andrew
CEO, Transpower, Director of Ports of Tauranga & Genesis Energy

Michael Whaley
Chief Engineer, Powerco, NZ




Charles Hanley
Sandia National Labs, USA

Dr Dushan Boroyevich
Distinguished Professor, Virginia Tech, USA

Dr Thahirah Jalal
Analytics Practice Manager, Transpower, NZ




Chantelle Tomon
System Coordinator, Transpower, NZ

Dr Ben Kroposki
Director Power Systems Engineering Center, National Renewable Energy Lab, USA

Dr Jack Flicker
Principal Member, Sandia National Laboratories, USA




Dr Stuart Macdonald
Power System Dynamic Modelling, Transpower, NZ

Patrick Cheffins
Head of Product, Vector, NZ

Dr Alexander Apostolov
Principal Engineer, OMICRON Electronics, Los Angeles




David Seymour
ACT Leader, NZ

Richard Fioravanti
Director, Transportation Electrification, Quanta Technology

Dr Nikki Newham
Project Director – Grid Service Contracts, Transpower, NZ





Technical Sessions

Time: 8:30 - 10:00 NZST Technical Session 1 (TS-01)
Chair: TBC
Paper ID Title & Author
1907 Off-grid EV charging stations to reduce the impact of charging demand on the electricity grid
2258 Comparison of Low-Voltage AC and DC Distribution Networks for EV Charging
1664 Li-Ion Batteries Remaining Useful Life Maximization through Model Predictive Control Based Optimal Charging
1411 Risk-Limiting Multi-Station EV Charging Scheduling with Imperfect Prediction
1702 Single-Phase Grid-Connected Fault Tolerant Bi-directional Power Flow Converter for Electric Vehicle Charging System
Time: 8:30 - 10:00 NZST Technical Session 2 (TS-02)
Chair: TBC
Paper ID Title & Author
5624 Accurate Harmonic Analysis of Distribution Systems
6411 Platform for Querying CIM-based Models and Data of the
Electrical Distribution Network
8199 Load Prediction under Accelerated Urbanization
5895 Analysis of Grid-connected Solar PV System Operation based on Energy Router Concept
8629 Investigation of Geomagnetically Induced Currents (GICs) Susceptibility of Different Three-Phase Power Transformer Cores
Time: 10:15 - 12:00 NZST Technical Session 3 (TS-03)
Chair: TBC
Paper ID Title & Author
8104 Enhanced Grid-tie Converter Control Under Unbalanced Conditions with no PLL
2820 Design and Implementation of Non-Isolated Switched-Capacitor SEPIC Converters Using Duality Principle
7801 Energy Management for Solar PV Generation with Contactless Power Transfer
2399 Multi-terminal HVDC Grid Topology for large Scale Integration of Offshore Wind on the U.S Atlantic Coast
9613 Base Failure Rate Calculation for Submodules in Modular Multilevel Converters for MVDC Applications
Time: 10:15 - 12:00 NZST Technical Session 4 (TS-01)
Chair: TBC
Paper ID Title & Author
7417 DC Suitability of AC Appliances
659 Tripping Sequence Approach to Reduce Fault Current to be Interrupted in LVDC Microgrids
4718 Hybrid MV AC/DC network topology options: applying multilayer networks framework
6466 Load Frequency Control with Consensus Based Multi-Energy Storage System
1396 A Bagging Long Short-term Memory Network for Financial Transmission Rights Forecasting
Time: 13:00 - 14:30 NZST Technical Session 5 (TS-01)
Chair: TBC
Paper ID Title & Author
8540 To Compare the Different Peer to Peer Market Models and Their Challenges in Practical Implementation
3801 Economic Risk Analysis for the Power System: From a Quality of Service Perspective
683 Nepalese Pico Hydropower Generation
6710 Solar Power Generation in Riau-Indonesia; Potential and its Challenge Due to Forest Fire
7094 Impact of High PV Penetration on Regional Power Grids