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Preliminary Program

ITEC+EATS will have an expansive program this year, covering a broad spectrum of issues in transportation electrification. 12 keynote speakers are planned around key topics related to Electrification, Sustainability, Aerospace, and much more. ITEC+EATS strives for industry relevant topics with emphasis on industry panels. We are excited to offer over 10 panels including several large “Townhall” style panels across a range of industry-relevant technical topics. For further in-depth discussion into critical topics, 6 tutorials and 6 short courses will be offered. As well as hundreds of presentations by authors who have submitted to the conference's 15 technical tracks. Look out for announcements about these presentations and much more on our website at!


We have twelve Keynote Speakers planned, each will be giving out a brief presentation followed
by a Q&A. These are our first three confirmed Keynote Speakers.

Gur Kimchi - Ascent Aerosystems and Vertical Aerospace
Alexander Hitzinger - VW Group
Vincent Schachter - ENEL-X


This year at ITEC+EATS we are planning three large town hall panels. Each panel will have six to eight highly positioned speakers in the industry. These panels are meant to be interactive and provide ample time for discussion between panelist and audience. All three town hall panels will run the full afternoon of its scheduled day.
Electric Vehicle Charging Systems and Grid Impacts: G2V/V2G/V2X
Hydrogen Power for Heavy Duty Transportation and Aircraft: Similarities, Differences, and Opportunities for Synergies?
Flight Demonstrations


These industry panels will be 100 minutes long with presentations from 4-5 industry experts followed by Q&A.
  • Battery Chemistry and Algorithm Advancements for Electric Vehicles and Aircraft
  • Wireless Charging: Current State of the Art
  • Advancements and Challenges in Higher Voltage (800+ V) Electric Vehicles and Aircraft
  • Autonomous Vehicles: Is the Future Now?
  • Electric Motor Design Advancements
  • Electric Aircraft Propulsion Systems


Six tutorials are planned. Each run for 90 minutes covering a specific topic in depth with time to discuss with the presenter.
  • Design of Electrified Propulsion Aircraft
  • Introduction to Sustainable Aviation
  • Battery Management Techniques: Advanced Adaptive Cell Modeling
  • Updates in Fast Charging


Short Courses

ITEC+EATS Short Courses run for the full afternoon with a coffee break provided. They are designed to be highly technical examinations of each topic.

Batteries and Fuel Cells for Aircraft Electrification
Powertrain Modeling: Degradation and Lifetime of Powertrain
Machine Design: Traction vs. Aircraft
Thermal Management, Lightweighting
Accelerating Battery Advances: From the Ground to the Air


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