Join 2021 International Power Supply-on-Chip (PwrSoC) Oct 24 thru 27 - Hybrid

2021 International Power Supply-on-Chip (PwrSoC)

October 24 thru 27 2021

Sponsored by IEEE PELS and PSMA

The 2021 Power Supply on Chip (PwrSoC) Workshop is scheduled to be held a hybrid event from October 24, through October 27, at the Singh Center for Nanotechnology on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia PA.

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Throughout its history, each workshop has spotlighted advanced technologies needed to build granular and modular power supplies and provided compelling demonstrations of commercialized products that make a clear case that PwrSoC and PSiP technologies are becoming more prominent and mainstream.

A team of world-renowned experts, innovators and pioneers of the Power Supply on Chip technology has assembled the technical program for the nine (9) technical sessions following the single-track format of past power supply on chip workshops.

  • Plenary Session
  • Systems and Applications
  • Topologies and Control
  • Wideband Gap Integration
  • Integrated Capacitors & Energy Storage
  • Integrated Magnetics
  • System Integration Manufacturing and Packaging
  • Granular Power
  • Posters

There will be thirty-one (31) lecture style presentations presenters from academic, research and industry sectors for the technical areas covered by eight (8) of the nine (9) technical sessions. The ninth (9TH) technical session is a poster session on the evening of Monday October 25 will encompass the seven technical disciplines of the workshop. The poster session will provide the attendees the time to interact informally with new technologies being developer from researchers and product developers.

The technical plenary session will provide insights regarding the role of GaN, packaging architectures and integrated voltage regulators in the powering of electronics. The three plenary presenters are Isik Kizilyalli who is the Associate Director of Technology of the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy ( ARPA-E), Ravi Mahajan who is an Intel Fellow and Director of Pathfinding for Assembly and Packaging Technologies for 7-nonometer silicon and beyond and Tim Phillips who is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of EmPower Semiconductor.

The technical program schedule is available for viewing at the following url:

There will be three “in-person” only events included in the program.

The first “in-person only” event will be during the on-site check in time on Sunday October 24 evening. The ‘first in-person only” will be a seminar on “Social Networking for Engineers” presented by Ada Cheng a market consultant with AdaClock and Anagenesis and sponsored by the PSMA Education committee and PELS. This session is open to students, young professionals and even seasoned professionals who are registered for the workshop who want to gain insights and guidance on making meaningful connections with others.

The second in-person only event will during the late afternoon on Monday October 25 and will be a “Trends and Opportunities” panel session moderated by Sunit Rikhi of Rockley Photonics, Inc. who retired from Intel in 2015 which more than thirty years of experience with foundries. The panel will be composed of experts from markets analysis, venture capitalist, integrated device manufacturers, small start-up component manufacturers and semiconductor fab organizations.

The third in-person only event will be a ‘Roadmap for Power Integration Discussion” co-moderated by Francesco Carobolante of IoTissimo and Hanh-Phuc Le of University of California at San Diego. The roadmap discussion will include inputs from a panel of technologists as well as from the audience. The roadmap discussions will be fed back to technical roadmap activities of IEEE and PSMA regarding power integration.

Continuing the tradition of the enthusiasm, market relevance and success of past workshops, we are looking forward to the International Power Supply-on-Chip (PwrSoC) Workshop 2021 in Philadelphia, PA. during the week of October 24 thru 27 2021 bringing to highlight the technology and market application developments since the most recent in-person PwrSoC workshop in Taiwan during October 2018 and to create a vision of power supply on chip activities for the next five to fifteen years.

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