Power Magnetics @ High Frequency Workshop - June 2-3 2021 - Early Reg by 1 May!

Power Magnetics @ High Frequency Workshop

On-Line Sessions June 2 2021 and June 3 2021

The  IEEE Power Electronics Society (IEEE PELS) and the Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA)  are jointly sponsoring a 2 day virtual workshop, “Power Magnetics @ High Frequency,” on June 2 & 3, 2021. The 2021 workshop is the sixth high frequency magnetics workshop scheduled in conjunction with APEC and is recognized as the premier event for the exchange and discussion of the latest advances in magnetics and applications technology presented by leading experts from both academia and leading industry suppliers.

This virtual event will continue the focus on identifying the latest developments in magnetic materials, coil (winding) design, construction and fabrication, evaluation and characterization techniques and modelling and simulation tools. The objective is to target those power magnetics advancements that are deemed necessary to meet the technical expectations and requirements of new market applications to satisfy the ever higher operating frequencies and emerging topologies which are being driven by continuous advances in circuits topologies and semi-conductor devices.

The target audiences for the 2021 Power Magnetics @ High Frequency workshop include the designers of power magnetic components for use in electronic power converters who are responsible to implement the most technologically advanced power magnetic components necessary to achieve higher power densities, specific physical aspect ratios such as low profile, higher efficiencies and improved thermal performance. The target audiences also include people involved in the supply chain for the power magnetics industry ranging from manufacturers of magnetic materials and magnetic structures, fabricators of magnetic components, providers of modelling and simulation software as well as manufacturers of test and characterization equipment.

The first day of the workshop will focus on “EMI Issues Caused and Solved by Magnetics” and the second day will be focused on “Integrated Magnetics.” The morning sessions will feature invited presentations and demonstrations from leading experts from both well recognized companies supplying the magnetics industry and from renowned universities supporting industry. The afternoon sessions will feature keynote presentations by Fang Luo Stonybrook University “EMI Issues Caused and Solved by Magnetic Components” and Qiang Li, CPES-Virginia Tech, “High Efficiency and High Density 48V LLC Converters with Integrated Planar Magnetics for Data”. Alexander Gerfer, Wurth Elektronik, will review the day’s morning session each afternoon, highlighting the “Best of the Best” and then lead a panel discussion with the presenters for the day.

The tentative agenda for each day of the workshop can be viewed at 2021 Power Magnetics at High frequency Workshop Agenda . During the morning session of each, the workshop attendees will have the opportunity to submit their questions for that day’s presentations that will be answered during that afternoon panel Q&A. As with past workshops, the presentations will also be posted to the workshop’s website available to workshop registrants to view and post questions in advance of the workshop to be answered during the Q&A panel session for the respective topic.

The early registration fee for the workshop is $225 per participant reducing to $165 for students and members of PSMA and IEEE PELS.

On May 1, the registration fee will increase to $255, reduced to $195 for students and members.

Registration includes attendance at the live workshop sessions as well as access to all of the workshop materials and session recordings.  Attendees of the “Power Magnetics @ High Frequency” workshop will also be able to attend the “Design Techniques for the 21st Century – Behind the Scenes, Make Sure You Choose & Use the Correct Capacitor” workshop at no additional cost.  

The latest information on the workshop as well as registration information is available on the PSMA website at: http://www.psma.com/technical-forums/magnetics/workshop