IEEE Wireless Power Week June 1-4 2021 - Free to Attend!

*** Virtual Event, Free to Attend ***
The 2021 IEEE WPW will be held in a virtual format on June 1-4, 2021, featuring the IEEE Wireless Power Transfer Conference (WPTC), the IEEE Workshop on Emerging Technologies: Wireless Power (WoW), and the IEEE Wireless Power Transfer School sponsored by IEEE WPT Initiative. WPW is the largest wireless power event in the world, financially co-sponsored by IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S) and Power Electronics Society (PELS). WPW is technically co-sponsored by MTT-S, PELS and Antenna Propagation Society (APS).

The registration to attend all the keynote sessions, technical paper sessions, and WPT School will be free for general attendees without a technical paper to present. 

*** You must register before May 18 midnight San Diego Time (two weeks before the conference) to claim your free ticket and obtain a login account on the virtual event platform.

Please click the link to register:


This year's WPW features 9 keynote speeches on technology forefront of wireless power:

• Cesar Johnston: Shaping the Future of RF Wireless Power Transmission

• Dr. Alex Lidow: Wireless Power 2.0: What will it take to get there and when will it happen?

• Prof. James C. Lin: Safety of RF Wireless Power Transfer Technology

• Dr. Paul Jaffe: Wireless Power and Power Beaming

• Dr. W. Bernard Carlson: To get a Grip on the Earth and Shake it: Nikola Tesla’s Scheme for Wireless Power Transmission

• Dr. Andy Daga: High Power Dynamic Wireless Charging for Trucks

• Dr. Morris Kesler: Wireless Charging for Electric Vehicles: Moving to Mainstream

• Jesse Schneider: Worldwide Standardization of Wireless Power Transfer for EVS, SAE J2954

• Dr. Burak Ozpineci: Wireless Charging for Electrified Roadways

All the keynote presentations will be live (synchronous) on Day 2 to Day 4 (June 2-4).

The WPT School has 14 experts on various aspects of wireless power technologies covering from devices, circuits, to systems for both short-distance and long-distance applications, as well as intellectual properties and commercialization:

Near Field WPT:

• Dr. Duleepa THrimawithana/Prof. Grant Covic: Fundamentals of Near Field IPT

• Dr. Paul Mitcheson: An Introduction to MHz IPT

• Prof. Khurram Afridi: Fundamentals of Capacitive WPT

• Dr. Mauro Feliziani: EMC and EMF Safety Issues in Near Field Wireless Power Transfer Systems

Far Field WPT:

• Dr. Hooman Kazemi: Solar Power Satellite

• Prof. Naoki Shinohara: Recent Advance of Beam Wireless Power Transfer for Solar Power Satellite in Japan

• Dr. Paul Jaffe: Overview of Power Beaming and Space Solar

• Prof. Baoyuan Duan: Fundamental Technology and Prototype Experiment of MWPT & SSPS in China

Emerging Technologies:

• Fritz Fleming: WPT Patent Landscape

• Dr. Greg Kushnir: Commercially Viable Long-Range Wireless Power Transmission Technology

• Dr. Paul Wiener: Analysis and Benefits of GaN in High Frequency Applications

Workshop for Novel Compact Size Single and Multi-bands DGS Resonators for Wireless Power Transfer, and Energy Harvesting:

• Dr. Adel Bedair: Coupled Defected Ground Structures Resonators Principles and Applications

• Dr. Sherif Hekal: Design of DGS WPT Systems Using Iterative Optimization Techniques

• Prof. Ahmed Allam, Dr. Mohamed Ali: Dual-band Rectenna Using Voltage Rectifier and Four-Section Matching Network

The WPT School presentations will be available on-demand before live Q&A sessions with instructors on Day 1 (June 1).

The technical session presentations will be available on-demand before live Q&A sessions on Day 2 to Day 4 (June 2-4).

Please click the websites for more details and the updated technical program:

Question? Please email: (for WPTC) (for WOW)