SFBAC COMSOC LogoThe SFBAC (combined Santa Clara Valley, San Francisco, & Oakland/East Bay) IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) and the Santa Clara Valley Communications Society (ComSoc) are very pleased to invite you to our July chapter meeting.  We are excited and honored to have IoTissimo's Francesco Carobolante to speak on the topic of “Wireless Power Transfer through MRC: from theory to implementation.  Additional event details can be found below.

Date: Thursday, March 25, 2021
Time: 11 am – 12 pm (PST)
Location: Virtual Meeting (logistics TBD)
Cost: FREE to all!!!

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Talk TitleWireless Power Transfer through MRC: from theory to implementation.


Magnetic Resonance Coupling (MRC) has been touted as the best solution for “cutting the cord,” i.e. obtaining Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) efficiently within a wide physical area.

What are the fundamental constraints (physical, regulatory, etc.), which need to be considered when developing a commercial product? What are the solutions that have been proven to deliver viable applications from a manufacturability and cost standpoint? This presentation will provide an overview of the challenges and trade-offs, from frequency selection to transmitter design, including how to address EMI and interference and how to implement a system that can efficiently charge multiple diverse devices across three decades of power level requirements – from wearables to notebooks.


About the speaker:

Bio Pic F Carobolante CAROBOLANTE IOTISSIMO 3 25 EVENT BIO PIC 2 12 21jpgFrancesco Carobolante is a Sr. Member of the IEEE, Member of the Steering and Technical Committees for several IEEE PELS and PSMA initiatives (including PwrSoC, PwrPack and EnerHarv), Co-chair of the IEEE 5G Roadmap Energy Efficiency Working Group, and is the Principal of IoTissimo®, where he helps global organizations and young companies develop technology and business strategies to compete in today’s fast-changing high-tech world. His 10-years’ experience as Vice President Engineering at Qualcomm, combined with many years in senior leadership roles for major semiconductor firms and start-ups, enabled him to develop leading-edge products for Mobile, Computing, Audio and Communication. Creator of many industry "firsts" and recipient of Best of Innovation Award Honoree at 2015 Consumer Electronic Show for Wireless Power Transfer (WiPower-A4WP), Francesco is a renowned innovator with extensive track record in establishing strategic technology partnerships across multiple industry sectors. He authored over 90 US patents, and has been invited keynote speaker and expert panelist at several premier international conferences. He also serves on the Board of technology startups and volunteers his time by providing mentoring to technology incubators and universities. He received Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE) degrees from both University of Padova, Italy and UCLA, California.