Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator-Based Wind Energy Systems

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Session 14
Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator-Based Wind Energy Systems

Speaker: Venkata Yaramasu

Panelists: Frede Blaajberg, Rubén Peña and Jose Luis Elizondo

Date: Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Time: 9:30am (Chilean time)                          

Summary: Wind energy is rapidly becoming mainstream and competitive with conventional sources of energy. The megawatt wind turbines operating at variable-speed dominate the current wind energy market with the largest operational turbine rated at 10 MW. Among various wind generators, permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) has become main-stream solution, due to gearless operation, high energy conversion efficiency, self-excitation, simple control, and increased reliability. In recent years, with the technological advancements in digital signal processors, the model predictive control (MPC) strategy has emerged as a simple and promising digital control tool in power electronics, variable-speed motor drives, and energy conversion systems.

This tutorial covers a wide range of topics on power converters, wind energy conversion, and MPC methods from the electrical engineering aspect. The contents of this tutorial includes an overview of wind energy systems, power converters for PMSG wind energy conversion systems (WECS), grid integration of wind farms, digital control schemes, fault-ride-through compliance methods, and future trends. This tutorial also focuses on the MPC methods of several power converter configurations for full variable-speed PMSG-based WECS. By reflecting the latest technologies in the field, this tutorial will be valuable for academic researchers, practicing engineers, and other professionals.

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